Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Whose line is it anyways? Feb 2011 Edition

I've got a good "Who am I?" this month. I bet no one will guess who this person is, unless these quotes are on the internet. The only clue I'll give is that it is a published book. As far as I know, not member of Perverted-Justice/ Absolute Zero United wrote a book.

The reason I'm adding this here is because PJ/AZU is notorious for pointing fingers at certain people and using sentences generally taken out of context as "proof" of their salacious behavior. The following are direct quotes from a certain individual. Is it a target of PJ/AZU?

Can you guess who is quoted here? Bonus points if you can name the book I'm quoting (I took out certain names so as not to give away more clues to the mystery quote's identity):

On why he missed Sunday service a lot as a kid: "my younger brother **** and I -- were ordinarily in the back row with the old women and nuns, wearing the black eyes and split lips that we'd pick up in fist fights the Saturday night before..."

"My nose was broken at least four times by the time I graduated from college, and it was usually at least partly my doing."

"I fought over girls, I fought for my honor... I fought for the love of fighting." [Fighting just for the love of fighting? Sounds like a dangerous thug in the making, right? This guy brags about constantly fighting, but justifies it by citing his "heritage."]

"My brother and I had been self-centered and arrogant. Selfish, arrogant little boys." [AZU attacks me because some test said I might be "selfish." What about this guy?]

Disobedience in class and arrogance: "I was a great swimmer and made an A in the final, but I never showed up for class. The instructor said, 'You never came to class the whole term. I'm going to give you a D.' I told him, 'I know more than you do about swimming. Why should I come here and sit, freezing my ass off in this pool in the morning?' He said, 'Because I say so. That's why. And you still get the D." [The arrogant little prick should have gotten an F]
On women: "Girls love bad boys, and I'd get caught all the time, sneaking out of their houses, parking with them in cars, bringing them into the living room. Their fathers wanted to kill me, and there were lots of 'You keep your son away from my daughter' confrontations. But those never worked. It only made the girls want to see you more." [Men didn't want this little poon hound around their daughters. Would you?]

"She looked about 20. She was beautiful, and she had a body. Boy this incredible, centerfold body... I never gave much thought to how much **** was. She was pretty, and she dressed sharp. And there was also that body.... Then one night **** was sitting around at my place and picked up a copy of that days **** Evening News. In it was a picture of ****, who had just won an art contest. 'Holy Jesus, Mary, and Joseph,' *** said. 'There's a picture of **** in the paper, ****, and she's 16 years old. But you know, she had this way about her. She had a certain presence. And after a while I just got over how young she was. [Uh oh, justification alert] She was way more sophisticated than anybody in her high school and she always dated older guys. She had a fake ID. That's how she got into [the bar where they met]. She was bored with high school.... We had a good time together [wink wink nudge nudge], and I relaxed a little after she turned 17. She was beautiful, she was caring, and she was up for anything [I bet]." [A college guy dating a high schooler? Doesn't that make him a potential pervert?]

"We would hustle money playing pool all the time." [A hustler? Isn't that illegal? Or at least immoral?]

On meeting his teen girlfriend's dad: "Someone in college who was therefore a barbarian and way too old for her. **** was thinking, 'Well she hasn't brought him home yet, which means he must be 58 years old and married with children.' For a long time I would drop **** off down the block, do anything not to be seen around her house." [Gee I wonder why?]

Here is a guy with a history of violence, who fought just for the sake of fighting, a man who skipped class, arrogant, rude, corrupted young girls, and was a college guy taking advantage of an impressionable teen girl. So where is the attacks from PJ/AZU?

So, can you guess who this is?

These quotes came from.....

JOHN WALSH! The quotes came out of the first two chapters of his book "Tears of Rage." Now you know AZU isn't going after the man who penned these words.



Voice of Reason said...

Sadly I have absolutely no idea but whoever it is sounds like a nasty piece of work.

I see AZU have sunk to recycling old 'stories' since they've nothing of relevance to add now. As for the substance of the story; a whole post about a paedo holding down a job?? Geez, hold the presses for such an important expose.

Once Fallen said...

AZU has been on the decline for a while. They didn't get as much publicity as they wanted from the Amazon/ Pedophile manifesto hoopla a few months ago. They got lie three people pledging to put their closed fist banner up on their websites, then... nothing.

This person is not an AZU member. However, he IS a dangerous person. In fact, he's been on America's Most Wanted many times.

Baldur said...

Thanks! Great stuff!

I actually have to agree with John about the swimming - if he already knew how to swim, why was he supposed to take a class that would just waste his time? Just because he's a kid and he doesn't matter?

But as for the rest - arrogant and with low self-control, sexually transgressive, and in a hurry to justify his bad behavior - he sounds like the stereotypical predator and petty criminal.

Considering his anger issues, the chances that he was his son's murderer just went up.