Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Judy Cornett taking advantage of a tragedy time there is a tragedy, vultures will always swoop in and take advantage of the situation. In light of the recent shooting of 2 Florida cops and a US Marshal who were executing a warrant on a failure to register case, notorious vigilante Judy Cornett has taken advantage of this tragedy to gain cheap publicity:

Judy Predator-Patrol Jan 25

We would like to invite you all to attend a fundraiser for the families of the 2 police officers killed. We are doing a motorcycle memorial ride from Tampa to St. Pete. Saturday, Jan. 29th. Breakfast for Riders at The ***** *****, Ave. Tampa. We will ride to Westshore Mall for staging and pick up other riders, then off to the fundraiser at Quick Q BBQ (owned by deputy at Pinellas Sheriff's Dept." You can go to facebook (Judy Predator Patrol) for details or email me at
I think you should email her, but not in support, but in protest. Or, just ask about her son who is serving 25 years for a violent assault and attempted murder; she was also raising money for his defense.


Anonymous said...

Judy came out west to ride with BACA to raise awareness for her son's molestation case. As a person who personally knew Judy, I am no longer an acquaintance as I hate liars & cheats, Judy came here to meet with new prospects to promote her program. She stated she wanted volunteers to do her work out west here. After listening to her speak about being an RN (license null & void since 2008 in FL), was bragging about her nursing career as of this date & of how people can help her make money & they as well can make money as volunteers. I had always assumed that if you are a VOLUNTEER you are working for free. Nope, Judy, Safety Zone Advocacy, & Predator Patrol, are all for profit, yet she claims to be a 501c 3 Charity org. We were at an event for the Polly Klaas Foundation where money raised does go to help others who have lost their children or their children have been abducted. Judy Cornett-Rast, is out for Judy & Judy & Judy alone. Once she got the word out about her son, she then starts telling people her father raped & molested her as well. I think she needs psychiatric help myself. She acts like she could care less that her son is in prison now for 25 years & it's all about HER problems, how his molestation affected HER, how his being in prison is affecting HER. How SHE is making money basically from organizations like BACA, Bikers Against Child Abuse, and her local biker clubs in FL. Ask her about the drugs she used to steal from the physician she worked for in FL & gave them free to her biker friends. That is around the time she lost her nursing license. She stated at the seminar I heard her speak at that she would help anyone procure medication if they couldn't get it on their own. How nice of her to say that. Oh yeah, Judy is a peach of a person. I had contacted the John Walsh Foundation a few years back & was told they do not work with Vigilante's to capture anyone or to find anyone. They recognize Judy to be a Vigilante. She's definitely not out to help her son in anyway, or most likely he wouldn't be where he is at right now. Nope, she's more interested in becoming famous to make money. There is NO movie & NO book as of yet. Hmmm, wonder what happened to those ideas? Raising funds for the movie are ya, or your book??? They sure as hell haven't gone to any good use. Spoke to local BACA members who now say, "Judy, who?"

Anonymous said...

All I can say is someone heading to Federal Prison sicked these people on me - accidents, attempted murders, but one incident they almost killed my sons in a hit and run.

This group is dangerous and it's highly probable they have murdered - with every fringe group they are always more in the deep mix - I've documented people commmiting suicide, completely imploding over this mob-hells angels group.

If you notice her Facebook pages are shut down.

BACA should be shut down - all it takes is one person to drop a name into their fish bowl and the guppies become pirannas