Friday, January 14, 2011

TSand's now encouraging suicide-- I wonder if this also applies to him

T-Sand's latest trolling attempt can be found at Corrupted Justice's forums. Clay is the classic troll, merely making comments simply to get a rise out of people. However, his latest trolling attempt is rather ironic. Clay asks,

"Is it really wrong for AZ to encourage a pedophile to off himself or let him stay the course of abusing children?"

The REAL question is whether a human being should encourage another human being to commit suicide PERIOD. There is another case making headlines where someone encouraged suicide and is facing up to 15 years for it. 


With AZU's track record of accusing all targets of being pedophiles or "pedo-enablers," including Patty Wetterling, AZU is in serious danger of criminal and civil liability. I think it is more ironic hearing such comments coming from T-Sand's mouth. After all, most AZU members refer to him as a pedophile. Does this mean he'll live by example?

"AZ cares about children. If they can prod a pedophile into committing suicide, then so be it."


Voice of Reason said...

Clay is the worst sort of hypocrite. If he honestly believed the drivel he writes we'd be reading about his own suicide - and I must say that as disgusting a unrepentant child rapist as he is, I still don't want to see him die. The reality is he doesn't believe or live what he writes but just does it to get some desperately craved attention.

Once Fallen said...

AZU and Clay are nothing but bullies. No doubt they run or participate in other hate groups because people like Keys or Rez love to see people in pain.