Saturday, January 1, 2011

Shiitake Awards 2010 AZU Edition

Well it is official! Clay Keys edged out Stitches 77 as the least favorite AZU poster of 2010 and has earned a special AZU version of the 2010 Shiitake Awards! I wonder how Absolute Zero United feels about having a Registered Sex Offender as the unofficial leader of their group.

AZU is a hotbed of hypocrisy, and Clay Keys's presence there is proof of that. Then again, as I've stated at this blog for nearly three years now, AZU is not about "exposing pedophiles" like they claim, it is all about trolling and cyber-bullying, which is something Clay does well. After all, it wasn't that long ago Clay was using Jessica Lunsford's face as an avatar to get under AZU's skin.

The only question now is if Clay will keep the title another year, or if some other AZU schmuck will win next year. Only time will tell.


Voice of Reason said...

Have you noticed that the rise of Clay coincided with the disappearance of Jeremy? It looks like someone's got his nose out of joint over another sex offender being treated like royalty there.

Once Fallen said...

Jeremy's just pissed Stitchy-poo is cheating on him with Clay.

Voice of Reason said...

Ewwww.. the mind boggles. Can you imagine the devil spawn those two would produce???

Once Fallen said...

I don't want to imagine, it may make me start supporting abortion.

I was thinking The Exorcist meets Rosemary's baby. I can't remember the name of the movie off-hand, but there was a movie where Hitler was cloned or reincarnated and was a kid (I tried looking it up, I think it was called "The Boys From Brazil"). I was thinking their spawn would be something like that. Clay has the mustache for it.