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Barbara Farris Backlash and SCAMMER ALERT

It seems Barbie is biting off more than she can chew, yet is sticking to her guns. I just posted the latest news story on Barbara Farris, which has sparked outrage in Florida. Barbie, true to form, has started her "Sex Offender Solutions" site:


Sex Offender Solutions

5036 Dr. Phillips Blvd Suite 255
Orlando, FL 32819
I'd like to point out that not only is the SOS name a knock on SOSEN (justlike AZU's now defunct "Operation SORoarful was), it is a jab at Randy Young, and her housing/ real estate scheme is patterned after Young's system.

I must warn any registrant/ sex offender seeking housing, DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT, use Barbara Farris's program. She not only asks some odd questions, she also demands a $45 application fee. It is called a SCAM. If you are on the registry, then she can look you up for FREE. 

An interesting comment was posted in yesterday's article, which was a cut and paste of a comment on another blog. I tracked down the original article. I wonder how many bridges she's burned over the years? At any rate, here is an interesting comment. The original article seems pro-Barbie, but that is not the focus, the comment section is:
This Woman is Crazy says:

Carol Bond, whom Portia Yates testified was her girlfriend, called the lounge several times and left an angry note on Portia Yates’ car.Bond told Farris when she returned from Ohio that the couple had reunited.Fantl said that at the same time, Farris learned she was pregnant and said Yates was the baby’s father.The defense attorney also described Farris as an amateur screenwriter who usually names her heroines “Barb.”He said she wrote one plot in which “Barb” foils a murder attempt.Fantl said Farris made up the story to destroy any chance that Yates might return to his wife.”Hell hath no fury,” Fantl told the jury.”She (Farris) wanted to marry him and she found out that they were getting back together.”Fantl reeled off a list of contradictions in Farris’s testimony and said the story was concocted to get rid of Yates and any possible claim he might have against the couple’s business assets.After the trial, Fantl was wrapped in a bear hug by Yates outside the jail.”I lost my job, my truck (it was repossessed) and my apartment,” Yates said.”I will probably have to leave town, (but) justice was done.”This past week on a local radio show, Bucket Head, Barbara claimed that her family has said that her money comes from the mafia.This is not a claim that her family makes out of the blue, read Barbara’s book and discover that it is her claim of such a connection.She claims that she worked for them for years.The story that she tells in the book is about being raped as a child and as a result a runaway that found herself as a drug and money runner for the mob.On the same show, she also claimed that she is currently filming and launching a reality show.This is a pattern, she also claimed to be doing a movie about Bruce Yates.Ask her for proof of a reality show.There are true victims in this world and they need the help of honest people, not ones that manipulate the hurt and pain of others for personal attention and gain.I hope you all begin to see this woman and this situation for what it really is.Barbara helps no one but herself.She only uses and abuses.3of3 posts.

CheatedInOrlando says:
I’m not surprised at all by your story.
Ms. Farris still owes my small company serious money for work done in conjunction with the supposed “kick off” of Bee Aware in June 2009. We poured heart and soul into the work that was done for her “organization” and were promised that she had “contacts” in place that would launch a national tour, and make this a “multi-million dollar enterprise.”
Immediately after our work was completed (print work, brochures, designs for merchandise, e-mailers, original music, and other intellectual property) Ms. Farris, under the guidance of her lesbian lover and a battery of attorneys, informed us that she was “shocked” by the cost and would not pay.
She continued, however, to use the materials we’d created, displaying them on her website, even advertising our merchandise designs as being for sale. In fact, the song used on the You Tube clip shown here is MINE – it was never paid for (and never completed, this being just a demo).
As for “protecting children,” Ms. Farris had also assembled a cast of young actors to portray the Bees in this supposed “national touring company.” Many of these actors were underage at the time – and Ms. Farris regularly hosted “after-rehearsal parties” for this cast at which alcohol and drugs were present.
Protecting children indeed.
Like you, I’ve come to believe she was never in this to “help kids” – everything I’ve seen her do is simply about promoting herself…

I'll let this sink in for a bit. Just think, both WENDY MURPHY AND JANE-VELEZ MITCHELL have defended this woman.

There is more on Barbie here, with documentation:

 There is so much info there but I'll just try to sum it up briefly.

Her criminal past includes grand theft larceny, (2nd degree) one exceeding $25000 Okaloosa County, Fl. and (3rd degree) one exceeding $10,000 Orange County, Fl. thefts.  Further, she has countless misdemeanors and a couple others that were originally felonies she pleaded down and admitted in court 'no contest' to the charges.

Farris has had 31 known addresses of residence over the past 20 years, created 19 corporations in the past 14 years alone.  All - ALL of those corporations report a 'loss' or she never reported the income at all.

JustBeeAware has had 4 corporation name changes in 7 years alone.  She has scammed companies and professionals to the tune of $100,000 during that time. Not once paying her bills.  Its no wonder she remains on the move.  Farris has done the same with most of the places she rents.  She'll pay first and last month, stay for about 4 months and skip out on the landlord.

Yes I have confirmation Barbara Jo Farris screwed over poor Jim Fowler with a fake development. The fraud statute has not run out on that scam. Nationally known? She sold less than 200 books.

1 conviction was grand theft auto. Waiting on the details for the other felony. She has passed numerous bad checks / restitution orders in Okaloosa & Orange County over the years. Most of those, she's left unpaid. 

 Wow. How does a person this messed up get any publicity? Hopefully she'll soon have publicity of a different kind-- JAIL TIME.


Someone did  a WhoIs Search on Barbie's new website. She doesn't cover her tracks too well.

Domain name: housingforoffe

Registrant Contact:
   bee aware ()
   605 east club cir
   longwood, florida 32779

Administrative Contact:
   bee aware ()
   605 east club cir
   longwood, florida 32779


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