Monday, November 7, 2011

Rob Taylor's "knuckle therapy"

Rob Taylor (trashy pic of his real job as a panhandler at left) has been crying like a butt-hurt little bitch because I got an article he wrote removed from the David Horowitz Freedom Center's "NewsReal Blog" after he posted personal attacks about me. He's been so butt-hurt about it, in fact, that he won't shut up about it. Apparently he quit writing for Horowitz after his pathetic excuse of an article was taken down, and hasn't written for the blog since May. I guess he hates the fact that people don't believe everything he says, and is dismissed often as an extremist wacko. So now he's decided to let people know how he solves problems -- with his fists:

Cry me a river, Rob, and I'll build you a bridge so you can get over it. You know where I live any time you want a little therapy. Don't sing it, bring it, little bitch. Otherwise, quit your crying and stick with your boring articles on extremist rantings.


Voice of Reason said...

It must really sting him that regular folk don't kiss his arse like the morons on pro-vigilante sites do. It only takes a quick look at his own site to see what a right wing extremist he is. I'd be surprised if he wasn't on a few government watch lists along with others who incite hatred.

oncefallendotcom said...

People who hate in one area tend to hate in other areas. I'm simply amazed anyone ever allows this numbnut to write for them.

Imagine that... a pagan religion bashing ultra-conservative who posts porn pictures on his blog and supports online vigilantes like Absolute Zero United while criticizing groups like Anonymous who are essentially doing the same things. He's a hypocrite. He reminds me of the villain Two Face, or maybe Jekyll and Hyde.