Friday, October 28, 2011

Another AZU affiliate bites the dust...

R.I.P. "Perverted-Primates." I'd also like to point out Rob Taylor abandoned his "Red-Alerts" blog, though that has not been taken down. I doubt anyone cares but it is out there for those needing to know. I almost forgot Lost in Lima, Ohio (Lilo) ran the Perverted Primates Blog. Speaking of Lilo's blog, it looks like he's moved to China years ago (I haven't noticed until now):

And to think AZU trolls were talking about how the RSO activist sites were on the "decline." Maybe in their own minds.

So it got me wondering about AZU's list of affiliates on their website:

Virtual Global Taskforce -- gone
Stop Child Molesters-- Inactive one year
Vigilant Antis-- Inactive since February 2011, before was July 2010 Inactive since June 2009
Tampa Gone -- Inactive since January 2010
Operation SORoarful-- Has been bounced around many times, just like Evil-Unveiled, but consists of nothing more than outdated forum posts mainly by people no longer in SOSEN. Another failed experiment.
PagansAgainstChildAbuse-- inactive
Anti-Paedo-- inactive since June 2009
The Antis-- Inactive since February 2008
I Luv 2 Surf-- 1 post since February 2010

Just who is on the decline?


Voice of Reason said...

Well we always knew they were a bunch of failures. Now we know that not only are they failures at life they can't even succeed at blogging. So so sad.

Anonymous said...

oncefallendotcom said...

I can't really hate on "LILO" that much because she didn't seem to fit in with the rabid nature of AZU's inner circle. I doubt she'd admit it but she was actually decent and respectable on the old Roar 4 Freedom forums a few years ago. She probably just decided that AZU was not worth the trouble. I don't blame her.

Anonymous said...

You can't fight love with hate. Hate will lose in the end.