Thursday, October 13, 2011

Barbara Farris wants colored triangle system for her fantasy RSO camp

Barbie Farris has changed her website once again. In less than a month, her "" site has been replaced by a site sounding EVEN MORE like a con artist site --

Oh joy. As if that wasn't crazy enough, Barbie's taking a page from the Nazi concentration camp playbook with her color coded system. I'm sure they will be in the form of triangles. Will Jewish registrants get a Star of David, too?:

If anyone is dumb enough to fall for her scam that is on them.We've done all we can to warn you. Barbara Farris is a con artist. There is a ton of info about her on this blog and elsewhere.

Hey Barbara, missing something?

Check this out as well: 
For any request for interviews or other questions must go through the following. Please do not contact Ms. Farris in regards to her programs and companies.
Contact Information: 
Shaun W. Pappas
Attorney at Law
McLaughlin & Stern, LLP
260 Madison Avenue
New York, NY 10016
(212) 448-1100, ext. 1199
(212) 448-0066 (fax)

Oh look! Barbie's lawyered up! Maybe she'll need him when people catch on to her latest SCAM!


Anonymous said...

Farris, you f'ing can never keep your story straight. Hard to keep track of the different crap you say everytime you speak. Keep it up baby cuz you are making it easy to sue your ass.

Anonymous said...

Farris is a fucking loon. She recently claimed to her latest Joey Dauben aka real life pedophile shes TRYING TO FREE from jail - that she was going to 'rescue' him from jail. Many of Joey's victims humiliated the shit out of Ms crazed conspiracy drunken ass Farris and she ran away with her tail between her legs. She keeps discussing how there's mass court conspiracies everywhere - where judges take babies away from sweet (loving non-revengeful mama's who don't do a damn thing wrong) and give them to pedophiles. Farris can only ever cite 2 cases - cases where its apparent authorities investigated these guys and found no abuse. Farris has since shut down her facebook and removed her latest blogtalk radio "yourexposed". Yah she can't spell either hey.

her other website is still running. She ran around videotaping on a livestream segment, calling around the DA' and jail regarding her serious investigation about Joey Dauben.

Joey is held in Texas and lets just say the chief of police in Navarro County was NOT happy his staff was being recorded by this insane criminal. His words were full of expletives. They had a warrant ready and waiting if she dare appeared in Texas - which she didn't.

In order to get out of her latest bullshit scams, it seems she's fabricated a story about her mama dying. Can't find an obituary to save my life (excuse the pun). I've tried calling the number of Shirley Farris and its still in use but no answer for the past couple of days. Who knows?

She's nothing but a useless scammer who tries to make money off of bullshit stories. If you ever listened in on any of her blogtalks, she doesn't even make sense. I'd swear she drinks 20oz of bourbon before going "LIVE".

We'll all keep digging and compiling shit against this woman and eventually authorities will catch up with her.

I've mailed Jane Valez Mitchell - Farris entire file, police records, criminal convictions, and background - by registered letter. I received confirmation HLN / CNN affiliate signed for the package. Lets hope Jane is not stupid enough to ever give this wacko any airtime.

She's destroyed enough lives. Its time authorities destroys her - legally of course.

oncefallendotcom said...

Well I can't comment on this Joey person, I never heard of him until Barbie's crap, but never looked. Maybe he's a close family or friend? After all, it is easy to HATE someone you don't know, but if it is someone you know and LOVE, it is very different.

Anonymous said...

Barbara never met Joey. Joey was some little scum in Texas who would run around the internet terrorizing innocent people. Basically a little punk troll who felt big behind a computer. In reality, he had no money, no car, 30 years old and was located by the Texas Rangers living in his grandmothers basement. Farris found Joey through a story she was doing on a woman named Bedwell. I think Farris posted some things on Joey's now deleted website:

Joey was arrested and charged with sex crimes against children. Farris went in December on her radio blogtalk (she's since deleted) about how she was going to FREE joey dauben because he's innocent because he stood up against corruption (like her). I tend to believe he's guilty but that's not really my point. Its more that she was acting like a total loon, lying to his family, telling them SHE would come up with the 200,000 bail & $10,000 for a lawyer for him. His family was warned to stay away from her but they didn't. As a result, Joey still does not have a lawyer because Farris told him not to even get a public defender.

She has no money at all but was playing the BIG SHOT and Joey's parents believed she was the real deal. It was sad to watch. I think that's why she's vanished into thin air again. She had no way to keep up her scam when everyone around Joey was demanding she follow through with her promises.

The only way I know all of this is because I was dumb enough to listen in on her shows. I realized she never met him.

That shows how delusional she is. I believe she thought this Joey story would get big and her Reality TV show dreams would come true after all.
She was calling the officials and would say "Hi, this is Barbara Farris. I'm the president and CEO of " We're calling to inquire about the Joey Dauben case".

How is she the President and CEO of anything??? She thinks because she opens a .COM, she's somehow a major corporation? You should have heard the shit coming out of her mouth. If I didn't know her background, i would have felt sorry for her.

Her radio shows eventually morphed into the most insane world corruption conspiracies I've ever heard. It was beyond pathetic, she didn't make sense about 90% of the time. She spoke about scientology, illuminati, bohemian groves, MK Ultra and Farris likened herself to Nancy Shcaffer telling others she too may be killed soon. She's off the deep end and frankly, I wish she would just drown herself.

Anonymous said...

I never meant to offend anyone here with my comments about Joey Dauben. I'm more pissed about his tactics of what he's done to others rather than what he's charged with.

joey actually spent a great deal of time going around the internet accusing other men of raping their kids without having any evidence to back it up. He went so far off the scale with his accusations, it was beyond what I'd call internet terrorism. If you could have seen some of the stuff that was on his website before it was removed last month, you'd see what I mean. He was a piece of scum who thought he was tough and was the perfect example of CYBER BULLYING and Farris loves hanging around scum .

I'm sick of seeing this shit online. I'm sick of the accusations against others without merit. I'm really sick of Farris walking around free when its clear she earns her money by scamming others, dreaming up new 'corporation' .COM names and re-inventing herself every few months. I cannot understand what makes her tick. She belongs in a special white coat tossed into a room drooling all over herself.

I can't believe she almost succeeded in detroying her ex boyfriends life years ago, or bankrupting Jim Fowler, etc etc etc. Someone needs to take her down - legally.

oncefallendotcom said...

I'm not offended. Thanks for giving me the story on this guy. I wonder what Farris's real connection with him. She's weird at any rate. I have little respect for hypocrites so if what you say is true, I don't have any sympathy for him. After all, that's what Mark Foley did.

By the way, she just shut down her Project H4O site.