Sunday, October 9, 2011

A little refresher about Stitches 77 and her lies.

A couple of months ago I posted at AZU's blog, or, to use their language, I "hijacked" their blog. As usual, the same mentally handicapped people were there, and once again Stitches lies through her teeth.

No, her admittance she is not a victim advocate is not the lie, it is her denial of posing as a victim advocate that is a lie. After all, lies and distortions are her M.O.

As a matter of fact, the proof is still online:

Trading advice within these support groups on the best ways to molest a child without getting caught, what instruments to use and much more is just the tip of the iceberg of what is being done on the internet. Absolute Zero United, a child activist blog that has a slew of contributors is now fighting back. One of the leaders in child activism is an individual who goes by the name of Stitches77. Regular contributor and co-founder of the blog Absolute Zero United, Stitches77 works diligently to expose these internet groups and draw attention to the insanely frightening things that go on within these groups....

Stitches77 and all of the other members of Absolute Zero United invite concerned parents and those who want to protect their children to visit the blog at to learn how to keep their children safe.

Absolute Zero United is a child activist group that works on keeping children safe on the internet and off the internet. For more information, visit

Stitches is a bold-faced lying cunt. After digging throughsome old screenshots, I see a lot of things she lied about. That reminds me, what happened to all these threats she made years ago?

Whatever happened to that Walsh/ Lunsford lawsuit? Just wondering if it was the same rumor mill where Stitches claimed she heard Patty Wetterling had a sex offender son.

 She needs a better network.

I'm still waiting for her to get "good and ready." Its only been YEARS! Coward. I did find ONE truthful comment, however:

AZU is dead. LOL


Voice of Reason said...

LOL... I'm still waiting for her 'surprise'.

Once Fallen said...

Me too. I remember all those idle threats. I still have the screen shots and chat logs. That was years ago. I'm STILL waiting.

Did you see the latest? I struck a nerve because I destroyed their faulty logic yet again. They remind me of the end of that movie Old Yeller where Travis sees Old Yeller succumb to rabies and is hesitant to kill the dying mutt. Stitchslut and compant should cap AZU like Old Yeller once and for all!

Voice of Reason said...

Yeah, I saw her latest. I left a comment but they don't publish my comments these days. I guess their impotence in combating me is embarrassing to them.

Once Fallen said...

She doesn't publish mine either. I guess she doesn't like how easily I countered her stupidity. There is nothing worse than a pseudo-intellectual who can't comprehend what she is reading.

If you look up "cognitive distortion" or "illiterate," you'll find a picture of Stitches.

Anonymous said...

Funny because they "outed" me (outed meaning lied about me and called me a paedo on google. Even though I am not.) No one believed them. I was still hired to work with children. People I know laughed about their little blog. It's no surprise they died out. When you build your site upon lies and slander it will crumble.

Once Fallen said...

Well when they come off sounding like juvenile delinquents and making stupid graphics that look like they were done by tweens, who would take them seriously?