Monday, February 6, 2012

Notorious vigilante Barbara Farris takes down housing scam website

Just a quick update: It appears Barbara Farris took down the "Project H4O" website. She was claiming attempts to open a concentration camp for sex offenders, complete with color coded ID cards (likely triangular in shape), and was charging $40 for the privilege of entering a concentration camp run by a psycho vigilante.

Below was the list of defunct website domains associated with this scam:

Thanks to the combined efforts of brave advocates including Yours Truly, one more dangerous scammer has been outed and shut down. But we're sure Barbie will be back. In the mean time, the next Shiitake Awards show is coming soon. Will Barbie win? Tune in on Feb. 29th to find out!


Anonymous said...

Congrats. Keep it going. we all need to join forces to take Farris down. Many victims out there and she's committed many crimes. She has ACTIVE warrants in Texas and California. One crime is investigating without license. Only a class A misdemeanor but I'll take what I can get trying to take this psychopath Barbara Farris DOWN.

Anonymous said...

She has another website still up:

oncefallendotcom said...

I'm aware of that but knowing Barbie it'll be gone soon. I was more concerned with H40 because she was planning on stealing money from desperate registrants through this scam. She was going to charge them $40 just for an application fee.

The other site is just more of her crap but without the housing scam.