Saturday, March 31, 2012

Do the wrong thing: Celebrutard Spike Lee publishes wrong address and puts elderly couple in jeopardy

Americans are so stupid. THIS is why you don't try to take the law into your own hands. This may not be sex offender vigilante news but this IS vigilante scum news and why you should let the courts decide a case before you go around trying to get people killed.

Spike Lee to start his own franchise, the New York PRICKS.
Spike Lee, the racist/black supremacist prick who is more damaging to race relations than the KKK, decided he wanted to encourage a little street justice. Just one problem, his little pea brain did not verify the address first:

It was verified by the twits at twitter. That's good enough for Lee!

Turns out this address belonged to some elderly couple (it's Florida, what do you expect?) and they were run out of their homes by vigilante thugs who are whipped up in a feeding frenzy. Oops.

And Right now, Jaleel White is living in fear hoping he's not confused for Spike Lee
by the people wanting to kick Spikey's punk ass

Nothing a little money cannot fix, huh? The lesson for today? Vigilante violence is never a good idea. What more do you expect from a dumbass who publishes the wrong address. That is why I never published an address (trust me AZU, I HAVE most of your home addresses).

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