Sunday, February 26, 2012

Hey, Cynthia Dale Harvey!

The virtually dead website Evil Unveiled got some free publicity the other day no thanks to KETV 7 in Omaha, but it merely exposed one of the people behind Evil-Unveiled, one Cynthia Jean "Dale" Harvey, who is known at AZU as "Rookiee", and on Facebook and many other places as Trillian Dent. (Not to be confused with Alison Shea, aka "Del Harvey", another worthless PJ troll who now works for Twitter). Pee-Jers always use screen names of popular items, in this case a name from the book "A Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy", which is fitting because this woman is a regular space cadet.

The full scoop on Cynthia Harvey here (kudos to whoever created this page, which I verified accurate, ironically enough, thanks to Cynthia's own advice):

So just who is Cynthia/Dale Harvey? A modern day Dr. Jekyll/ Mr. Hyde. She doesn't seem to know who she is. AZU-Info describes her as "a much-published transgendered sadist and slave-trainer, a contributor to the vigilante blog "absolutezerounited", the co-administrator of the now discontinued Perverted Justice 'parallel' website "the Wikisposure Project" and the administrator of it's reincarnation, whose members are dedicated to "investigating" anyone who expresses an erotic interest in minors or anyone who had sympathized with or defended such interest. To Cynthia, it doesn't matter whether anyone has committed a crime. She labels her targets as "pedophile activists" (with photo, name, phone number and address) in order to try to inflict as much private, familial and public shame as she can."

She certainly has issues. She gives us a glimpse into her life on "The Trill Thing Blog this way:

This blog post is also about Leather people, and how marginalizing us in the gay rights movement isn’t wise….
I trusted you and organized a donation with you for O(ccupy) N(ashville), and I felt like we were kin. But suddenly, because I posted about a pedophile right up in your hood, you are going to post a link to something some pedophiles wrote about my LEATHER lifestyle?  And act like it’s some abomination by GOD?  Really? This is the kind of thing that makes me snub the whole idea of Family….
But, hell no.  You’re going to include a pedophile and jeer at a Leather person?  You want to make fun of what I do it my bedroom?  The republicans don’t even do that. Jason, just please do me a favor and don’t ever call yourself a gay rights activist.  Defending pedophiles and looking down upon the Leather Family that helped you fight for the rights you have NOW is not conducive to garnering good will from the rest of the public….
I ran across some information that one of the former ON tech team is a pedophile activist.  And of course I passed that information along to everyone who would listen.  What parent would not want to know about this?  Furthermore, why had it been kept quiet, when it was obvious that I wasn’t the first, or second or third or fourth, OR…you get the picture, person to find this out?  I am not quite sure why the people who attacked me took that as an affront to themselves, since none of them were the pedophile in question, but suddenly, I am “emotionally disturbed” and the insides of my bedroom, which includes only adults, are being examined.  I did not create that pedophile….
But though I’d had to fight the devil for my rights as a disabled person, I’d really never had to fight for my rights as a female or as a queer.

No thanks, Cynthia, I don't like drunks
I don't care personally what she does behind closed doors but attacking other people when she's a sexual deviant who really hates men and enjoys torturing others for her own sick sadistic pleasure. Perhaps that is why God punishes her with bouts of Rheumatoid Arthritis. Since AZU pissed and moaned so much about my use of the name "Warped Ohio," making fun of fellow AZU troll Tracy "WASP Ohio" Golden, 

Basically, I think she is defeating an abuser in her own life over and over again, symbolically, not just with every arrest of a real child abuser, but with every public pillorying of a non-abuser who she sees as an activist and facilitator. That would be all of us here, no matter how clean-livin' we are. My interpretation of her remarks follows the remarks themselves.  Don't miss the irony of her saying, completely enthusiastically, that her first ever romantic interest was intergenerational!  "Determined," in a nutshell, is a 40-something lesbian mother living in Biloxi, AL. She is an injured former musician.

Did it happen before she started dismembering dolls, or was the symbolic violence part of her reaction to the abuse she suffered? Or did it symbolize her own feelings of being torn apart? I’ve had many lesbian friends and they were often energetic and not made for dolly-play as kids, but I’ve never heard of one shredding dolls limb from limb before.  The violence she must feel against her abuser(s) and all simulacra of that person can only be incredible. There is aggression in everything she says, you can hear it, even in “breffus.” And then suddenly you see where it goes when it can’t sustain itself: drunk-dialing.

A self-admitted alcoholic, bisexual, gender-confused person, Dale is an outstanding example of the sort of exotic personality it takes to make a witchburner vigilante organization work in the modern age. It is already amazing that the organization she works for has any credibility, and one hopes her exposure will help to make the public realize that most players on the vigilante side are a lot freakier than those on the BL side. Never before has a defender of public morality freely published that she has enforced days of silence on her partner, sometimes gagging him by making him hold his own dirty sock in his mouth, and then restricting him from urinating until he has accidents. 

And this is the person KETV 7 congratulates? If there was ever a candidate for civil commitment, this would be it. I'm sure the reason Occupy Nashville won't have a women's caucus is because of her. But there will always be some idiots who will buy her story. Like Heather Spurlock's Mothers Against Predators facebook page:

but MAP is a "peaceful" group, right?

Apparently, there are TWO groups called MAP. You'd think they'd be more imaginative, or were they the same group?

So much for MAP's claim of non-violence and not working with violent people huh? 

Oh Look, MAP supports AZU/ Tracy "WASP Ohio" Golden, a violent group. Why am I not surprised?
MAP is full of morons who take anything people like Cynthia say at face value, like those idiots who believe I have a FB account and spend all day trolling their blog. If that was true, I wouldn't have had to rely on AZUInfo for the lead? Oh well. I guess Cynthia Dumbass Harvey doesn't realize certain things:

1. I don't have any "conditions of release", dumbass.
2. I don't have a "P.O.", whether she meant a probation officer or a Post Office box LOL
3. I don't live in Georgia, you retard
4. I'm not on Facebook, stupid. I have my own network of people who monitor losers like you on my behalf, but even if I decided to make a FB account in the future, I have a constitutional right to it.
5. The FBI can't do anything to a law abiding citizen.
6. It must suck to know your own techniques were used to track you down and shine the spotlight on you :)

To quote so many of my enemies, I must be doing something right if they can't stop talking about me ;)

Monday, February 13, 2012

No Peace For Predators claims they are Christian and don't advocate violence, but...

No Peace For Predators claims they are Christian and don't advocate violence, but they are lying through their teeth.

The group's comment speaks for itself:

You can find the story HERE. The gist of the story is a registrant is being allowed to preach in an adult only service and some clowns calling themselves the "New Black Panthers" take an issue with it. They have an unlikely ally in David Rowe, who once bragged about punching some thug with gold teeth on his personal page. It reminds me of a certain quote i read once upon a time:

“The soul of the people can only be won if along with carrying on a positive struggle for our own aims, we 
destroy the opponent of these aims… their internal poisoners are exterminated.”


"The movement intends to nationalize the masses by a ruthless and fanatically one-sided orientation."

Ironically, these two groups have a lot in common with the Fuhrer who penned these quotes.

Run, David Rowe, run. Enjoy crying to your Facebook buddies. Butt-hurt much, boy? Maybe you should cry to the News Black Panthers about it LOL. At least have the decency to use your name in your comments rather than anonymously, you little bitch. NO PEACE!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Notorious vigilante Barbara Farris takes down housing scam website

Just a quick update: It appears Barbara Farris took down the "Project H4O" website. She was claiming attempts to open a concentration camp for sex offenders, complete with color coded ID cards (likely triangular in shape), and was charging $40 for the privilege of entering a concentration camp run by a psycho vigilante.

Below was the list of defunct website domains associated with this scam:

Thanks to the combined efforts of brave advocates including Yours Truly, one more dangerous scammer has been outed and shut down. But we're sure Barbie will be back. In the mean time, the next Shiitake Awards show is coming soon. Will Barbie win? Tune in on Feb. 29th to find out!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Report Laurel Stafford to the Oregon and Indiana State Police


Rarely do I make a real big deal over a vigilante scumbag but I will have to make an exception today. Friends of mine forwarded this information to me and I feel it is important this woman gets reported to the proper authorities immediately.

This is Laurel Stafford from Portland, OR. She has been gathering info on Registrants and harassing them, forcing them out of their homes and places of employment. Abuse of the registry is illegal so she should be reported immediately to the proper authorities.

On Thursday, Feb. 2, 2012, KATU of Portland, OR featured a fear-mongering article called "The Sex Offender Next Door," your typical scare article attacking Oregon's policy of only listing "Tier 3/ High Risk" registrants. The reporter, Anna Canzano, apparently added a Facebook page to get feedback on her unethical article. She's a real piece of work but that's a story for a different day. So anyways, Laurel adds the following comment to this Facebook Page.

It is obvious she is breaking Oregon law by moving to have two registrants evicted from her neighborhood. This is clearly explained on the Oregon Sex Offender Registry website:

This woman should be prosecuted for her actions. Below is the Oregon State Police contact info:

Sex Offender Registration
255 Capitol St. NE, 4th Floor
Salem, OR 97310

This is not Laurel Stafford's only offense. Apparently Laurel also sought to get a registrant in Ft. Wayne Indiana fired. Don't know why an Oregon resident is working to fire some guy 2000 miles away, but she did it nonetheless:

She now violated anti-harassment laws in two states. Indiana's sex offender registry also has a disclaimer against abusing the registry. Here is the contact info for the Indiana Sheriff's Association:

Indiana Sheriffs' Association
Phone:   (800) 622-4779
             (317) 356-3633

Fax:       (317) 356-3996
P.O. Box 19127
7215 E. 21st Street Suite E
Indianapolis, IN 46219

When someone blatantly abuses the public registry, that person needs to be prosecuted. She's harassed and caused harm to three people already, and she must be reported to the proper authorities. 

Don't delay, report her today!