Friday, May 24, 2013

No Peace For Predators suggests using sex offenders for organ harvesting

The douchbag trio of Britt(ney) P. Warden, Peter(less) Mason, and David "The Crybaby" Rowe make up the axis of evil that is No Peace For Predators. They are a waste of humanity in their own right, and have kept a rather low profile since David Rowe was embarrassed by his own local media last summer. So they've been hiding on their own site like the filthy cockroaches they are. That is a good thing, since they constantly fantasize about murder.

Just when you thought their fantasies can't be any more disturbing, now they are having orgasmic thoughts of harvesting organs of sex offenders. The depths of their depravity never cease to amaze me:

On a related topic, I'd love to hear an explanation as to why advocating for the restoration of the former offender is somehow "pouring salt on the wounds of victims." Somehow we've been led to believe the issues of post-conviction laws like residency laws and victim's rights are tied together. THEY ARE NOT tied together. Fuck David Troll and his band of misfits. People like them should be closely monitored, preferably in a therapeutic setting.

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