Saturday, May 25, 2013

Tim Caya of the Facebook "Missing" page is full of Caca

This is Tim Caya of the Facebook page "Missing," which features missing person cases. I'm not against that at all; in fact I support those efforts. What I am against, however, is a person who uses that cause as a platform to spread hate. A few days ago, this guy posted the following rant on his "Missing" page:

And as an added bonus, he has decided to go after Kaiylyn Hunt, the barely-18 gal who had a relationship with a gal just shy of 15:

It is well-established that the registry has gone too far. Except for idiots like Tim Caya, that is. "The Law is the Law." So was slavery, Eugenics, and Jim Crow. The law is not absolute, and it can be wrong at times. Even the federal Adam Walsh Act, the worst piece of legislation since the PATRIOT Act, recognizes a "Romeo and Juliet" statute. Only Florida's version is bullshit. Which allows for some high schooler to face 15 years and life on the registry. This idiot just does not get it.

Just like he doesn't get how retarded he looks shooting a bird at a concert just to be a dick.

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