Thursday, August 1, 2013

More about vigilante killers Jeremy and Christine Moody, skinheads from South Carolina

Last week, two skinheads killed a man on the registry and his wife. By now, a wealth of information has been released. Here is what we know so far, based on the myriad of media reports:

  1. The couple were part of an online skinhead group called "Crew 41." Even before he murdered Charles Parker, this "man" was already being watched by groups like the "Anti-Defamation League."
  2. Moody wrote a manifesto including a two-page rant about how sex offenders AND THEIR ENTIRE FAMILIES should be murdered to keep the gene pool clean (see screen shots below). Amazingly, if you read the rant, it would read like rants of every other group I have ever showcased on this blog. 
  3. The Anti-Defamation League noted their Facebook pages show that the couple were big fans of the disgusting show Dexter. 
  4. Both Jeremy  and his wife Chris­tine fre­quently adopted the last name of “Men­gele” in their on-line post­ings; Josef Men­gele was the infa­mous Nazi doc­tor who per­formed med­ical exper­i­ments at Auschwitz and sending thoussands of women and children to the gas chambers. 
  5. Ironically, the head of Colorado's chapter of Crew 41 is on the sex offender registry. 
As promised, below are the screenshots from a preview of Moody's book. It sounds familiar-- like the myriad of online vigilante groups like Perverted Justice, Absolute Zero United, No Peace For Predators, Valigator, and Evil Unveiled. 

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