Sunday, August 11, 2013

Who is Donna Zink and why does she want info on Washington's Level 1 registrants?

This is Donna Zink of Mesa, WA. She has been in the news recently for filing public records requests to obtain info on the state's Tier 1 registrants, which are not available online, and for good reason-- Washington has been a hotbead of vigilante activity, from the double homicides of 2005 to the Angry Tammy Gibson case, to the more recent Patrick Drum vigilante killings last summer.

This poss the question-- just who is Donna Zink? She's a former mayor and councilwoman of Mesa, a small "blink and you miss it" town is SE Washington state. That was a long time ago, so these days, she makes her living by abusing public records requests. She won a quarter-million-dollar lawsuit against the city for a public records request flub, so now, she is looking to make a quick buck elsewhere.

So now, she's found a way to make news again. Since Washington's Level 1 registrants are not available online, Donna Zink is looking to change that. Despite her claims to the contrary, she is abusing registry info.

Personally, I see nothing in the law that saws she is entitled to the Level 1 registry info. She cites RCW 4.24.550 as her justification, but the law says this about the release of Level 1 info:

 (3) Except for the information specifically required under subsection (5) of this section, local law enforcement agencies shall consider the following guidelines in determining the extent of a public disclosure made under this section: (a) For offenders classified as risk level I, the agency shall share information with other appropriate law enforcement agencies and, if the offender is a student, the public or private school regulated under Title 28A RCW or chapter 72.40 RCW which the offender is attending, or planning to attend. The agency may disclose, upon request, relevant, necessary, and accurate information to any victim or witness to the offense and to any individual community member who lives near the residence where the offender resides, expects to reside, or is regularly found;

  (5)(a) When funded by federal grants or other sources, the Washington association of sheriffs and police chiefs shall create and maintain a statewide registered kidnapping and sex offender web site, which shall be available to the public. The web site shall post all level III and level II registered sex offenders, level I registered sex offenders during the time they are out of compliance with registration requirements under RCW 9A.44.130, and all registered kidnapping offenders in the state of Washington.

Sounds like she's not entitled to the info, if you ask me, unless she lives all over Benton AND Franklin counties. She has publicly shown her battle HERE and HERE as well. She does admit that the registry is intended to punish, plus she illustrates the level of ignorance typical of someone with a television style education:

Below is a few more of her rants on the subject from her FB page. From her FB posts, it is obvious she intends on posting the otherwise non-public info publicly on her own websites. There is no reason to honor this wacko's requests:


Anonymous said...

well..i guess since you never got your permit for construction you decided to hurt others donna you viral too....someone..somewhere...will tell all about you in the circle...

oncefallendotcom said...

When I read about Donna Zink's "construction plan" my first thought was King of the Hill and Dale Gribble's guard tower.

"My name is Rusty Shackelford" LOL

Anonymous said...

25 years ago when I was 18..i got in trouble because my girlfriend lied about her age...we were 4 years apart.her step dad hated me but her mom loved me..he decided I should go to jail..her mom did not. I was a child to..just turned 18,however the prosecution thought they had a case...I didn't want to hurt her by them putting her on the stand in 1989 to make her cry just to admit we slept togather...I loved her..i spent 2 years as a child in a place of hell....afraid and scared. i get out and find out I have to register as an very emberassing.after I got out she kept trying to get back togather and I was afraid...I went to a degree..stayed out of trouble for 25 2 months from being done and you want to put me on the internet donna zink?...if you do...and my 8 year old daughter gets hurt..or my 17 year old son...or my 23 year old daughter..I WILL SUE YOU...for the last court case you won and the better ask your lawyer about old cases where you can be found liable for harm to others..It's not just records your asking for...its people and childrens lives....good people....I come from a family of police....STOP ZINK...before you bite off too much

Anonymous said...

This woman is a psycho even Benton police and courts are tired of her

Anonymous said...

I am tired of reading that zink is a former mayor and council member. fact is the city council took her to court to have her recalled or impeached. the city council acted to early and the court sided with her. there are dozens of reasons why she is a former of anything.