Thursday, March 24, 2016

And speaking of more butthurt, T-Shaun is still whining and crying over a bad book review

Shaun Webb expects those of us in the anti-registry  movement to support him and his books while bashing us all the while. Over the years, I've tried to offer support to other registrants, even though many are unwilling to help anyone but themselves. Shaun Webb of Michigan is one such person. He expects people to support him by buying his books (none of his books benefit our cause), but has offered nothing in return. 

Earlier in this blog, I mentioned how Shaun Webb reminds me of Clay Keys, a registrant in Florida who got mad over some petty dispute and joined Absolute Zero Unites in harassing registrant activists. Shaun Webb, a Level 2 sex offender, is attacking our cause. His reason for being mad? He called me while I was traveling and he had trouble hearing me. That's it. This is the whole reason he's been whining like a fat ugly punk-ass bitch since last October and bashing registrant activists. 

After trying in vain to bash me and others who gave legitimate critical reviews of his shitty books on Goodreads and after creating no fewer than half a dozen fake names in order to try to inflate the number of good reviews for his books while giving Once fallen bad reviews, he finally gave up Goodreads for the moment and took his little crying spell to his crappy Wordpress blog. (I guess after he send me no fewer than a dozen spam messages that I don't bother publishing, I'd see why he made it a point to spam me wioth his trashy blog no one cares about.) So here is Shaun Webb's latest hissy fit.

Just remember folks, if this guy is willing to use the word "pedophile," then why would anyone in the Anti-Registry Movement support him? But allow me to clear the air on his so-called 'donations first, since Webb seems to have a memory issue. In reality, what he asked me to do for him was accept a $300 Paypal payment on his credit card and send him $250 of it back so he could bypass the limit on cash withdrawals. (I'll be contacting Paypal and when I can get an invoice from that time, I'll post it. Shaun Webb is too easy to debunk because of his selective memory.) He got in some hot water with the credit card companies because they called me looking for him. 

Anyone who has ever donated knows I send a thank you in response, and that I take calls and I don't demand anything in return, though I encourage them to support the cause. Yes, most of us are aware this is a thankless job most of the time, and that few callers go on to become front-line activists. Shaun Webb never helped the cause, so I'd say his own accusations just make him look silly. 

On to Shaun's laughable breakdown of my work over the past year:

I can't help but to laugh at the absurdity. Hey, has anybody SEEN Shaun Webb anywhere? I think he got one mention for his new self-published trash in one local paper. I love the comments section for that article, by the way. Maybe someday, Shaun can be somewhere beyond the Oakland Press. Maybe if he can write a better research paper than I can and... Sorry, folks, I'm laughing too hard to continue. Shaun COULD write one but he'd likely just copy-and-paste what someone else wrote and add a few comments. How you know which comments are his? Look for the grammar errors :)

Again, this rant is hilarious. But just because this is so easily debunked....

I'd say 307 > 26, Shaun. You might want to freshen up on your math. On to another of my favorites:

LOL. What joke. They guy is still here. The apartment below me is opening up so we've been waiting for it to open up. There has been no rush and anyone who wants to call and confirm that can do so. 

This one literally made me laugh my ass off. I could bring up how you backed off the Dr. Phil Show because they wanted to give you a polygraph (although in that case, I wouldn't blame you), but this is the guy who lives in Michigan but has NEVER done ANYTHINg but promote his books. n fact, I DARE Shaun Webb to show us what he has done to the cause/ Go on, I'll be waiting. The Lansing thing was his idea, but then when it was time to put up or shut up, he shut up. Fucking coward!

This one is just too much. In addition to bashing the size of the movement, he pulled a page out of the Valigator playbook. I guess since Valerie Parkhurst & Shaun Webb have become internet BFFs, I'm not surprised he sounds like Val. I remember when Val tried to claim all my neighbors were calling her to ask her how to chase my out of my home. Too funny!

On the other bratty comments, fat jokes don't faze me, I know Shaun Webb hasn't missed too many meals, either. And people already know I'm not afraid to express my disapproval at the lack of participation in the movement, but I'm not the only one who has. Even the mighty Janice Bellucci has done that. There should be 850,000 pissed off people.

Shaun Webb make his own enemies by attacking them over minor slights and he trolls them incessantly over the slight. Just like T-Sand. Just like Valigator. Three peas in a pod. (I should mention he made Valigator an anti-hero in his Behind the Brick book). 

Shaun Webb apparently doesn't understand what slander and defamation of character is, but maybe it is time I give him a lesson on it. 

Give it a rest, Shaun. I had considered removing the warning about you,but you reminded me why I should keep up the bad book reviews and the posts here on AZ-Unites about you. You cannot be trusted. 


Shaun Webb said...

Irrelevant. Nobody (including me) cares.

oncefallendotcom said...

And yet you keep coming back and crying constantly about it, you fat slobby bitch. Cry cry cry all you want, your tears make me happy.