Monday, March 7, 2016

The gaudy Lauren's Kids tour bus stops in Jacksonville FL and No Peace for Predators is NOWHERE to be found

Yesterday, Lauren Book brought her gaudy tour bus to Jacksonville FL. The Village People Bikers Against Child Abuse were there, but no surprisingly, the losers from No Peace For Predators were nowhere to be found. Gee, you'd think they'd be supporting another group or two claiming to want to stop child abuse?

Not one of these weekend warriors are from "No Peace For Predators"
I am sure they had more important things to do and just missed the event. You know, important things like cheer someone's death (a death that I wouldn't be surprised if they intentionally caused it):

Lets stop pretending that NPFP is a "child advocacy" group. I can't stand that skanky Smeagol-like Lauren Book, but she actually does other things besides cheer the death of people on Facebook. If there was such a thing as "karma" (there isn't), then NPFP would be overdue for some.

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