Saturday, May 20, 2017

Ten years of S.O.S. (Same Old Shit)

This will be a short post. Hard to believe, but this year marks Once Fallen's 10 year anniversary. I have already written a brief description about how this site came to exist. But think of all those who have come an gone-- Absolute Zero United, Valigator, even Anonymous-- and all have failed to derail the Anti-Registry Movement. 

However, the more things change the more they stay the same. These folks aren't around anymore, but others come and take their places-- the pagan cult from AZU are replaced by SJW special snowflakes in an unholy alliance with PizzaGate-believing, Alex Jones-watching Trumptards. To quote another saying, those who don't learn from history will be doomed to repeat it. And so these new internet gangsters are using the same tired techniques that failed to scare me off in the past. 

Here's a ProTip for those who think making up fake names and TYPING IN ALL CAPS and hurling insults will somehow get me to quit. Don't bother. It takes time for you to make new profiles and type your junk, but only a mouse click to block/delete you. Besides, what has ten years of troll attacks actually accomplished? Absolutely nothing. DDoS attacks clear up in a few minutes or hours. Not one time has anyone threatening me bothered to show up at my residence, not even the one who threaten to behead me and sodomized my corpse. Sending letters to my neighbors and posting Encyclopedia Dramatica bullshit on local webpages avails nothing. The only thing any of you trolls have accomplished is motivating me further to fight the registry. 

These tactics have failed against me and others you've tried to scare away. In the past ten years, I've grown in my ability to influence public policy and grow in the number of folks who use my various websites as references. Once Fallen is nationally recognized as an authority on this subject and the media often turn to me for interviews and advice. And I'm not even talking about the other group, who have faced probably more attacks yet have accomplished more. 

The math is simple. The more you troll, the more you motivate us. The more we are motivated, the more we win. Want to stop us? Don't bother, you've already lost.


Anonymous said...

Update the Dictator of Creep Catchers is charged on an assault allegation that he said was a Chomo. Well apparently in past posts Creep Catchers had a low conviction rate on the people they accuse in past studies with the RCMP.

The president of the vigilante group, Surrey Creep Catchers, has been charged with two counts of assault following a pair of "stings" that targeted men the group believed to be soliciting sex from children.

Surrey RCMP issued a warrant for Ryan Laforge's arrest Thursday following investigations launched after two separate Creep Catcher ambushes in the 10100 block of King George Boulevard last month.

On April 3, Laforge was arrested at the scene of a Creep Catcher confrontation with a man the group claimed was soliciting a six-year-old girl for sex. Laforge is now being charged with assault and uttering threats.

Surrey Creep Catchers president arrested after confrontation with alleged target
Then, on April 19, police were called to a sting on the same block. Surrey RCMP Cpl. Scotty Schumann says Laforge fled the scene before officers arrived. An investigation resulted in a second assault charge.

Schumann says Lance Loy, 37, also part of the Creep Catchers group, was arrested at the incident and faces an assault charge. A third man who has not yet been identified was also present and is still under investigation.

"We are still investigating to determine what offence, if any, that person has committed," said Schumann.

The two men targeted by the vigilantes have been charged with child luring.

Ongoing controversy

The development is the latest of a series of controversial events involving the vigilante group.

Multiple defamation lawsuits have been filed against the group's president this year. Surrey RCMP are urging people not to take the law into their own hands.

Surrey Creep Catchers president faces 2nd defamation lawsuit
"No matter how well meaning people are, there is a certain amount of risk when you confront people alleged to commit a crime. We're the professionals, that's what we're here to do," said Schumann.

"Some of these investigations — especially involving child luring, are very complex. And our goal is not only to identify who the predators are, but we also want to ensure a sound investigation that will lead to successful prosecution as well as taking care of the victims and making sure predators can't victimize anybody else."

Anonymous said...

And yes these people are trying to do "Creep catchers America"

Anonymous said...

Hey Oncefallen check out Colbert's Tuck Buckford an Alex Jones Character. He takes down Alex Jones for being insane in the Chobanigate scandal. Don't forget Alex Jones is a bigger hypocrite than Roger Ailes and Dana Loyd. Alex Jones was sued twice for a child custody dispute and Chobanigate false rape allegation. However the Comet Ping pong lawsuit and Edgar Welch suing Alex Jones are rumors for now. Also Alex Jones can get away with 2 false rape allegations while apparently being exposed for sexually harassing 150 women according to some news outlets trying to get the real story on Jones.

Anonymous said...

David Pakman talks about the flaws of the right and left. See it lead to the argument we have today about SJW's having an odd alliance with Alex Jones.

Anonymous said...

Oncefallen take a look at horseshoe theory its when 2 different groups use the same tactics for different reasons.

Anonymous said...

A new Vigilante story a former Neo-Nazi who supposedly became "Muslim" kills his former people under vigilante justice and claims to represent muslims?


Devon Arthurs used to be a neo-Nazi like his dead roommates, the murder suspect reportedly told police in Tampa, Florida. But he converted to Islam, and allegedly targeted them after they disparaged his new religion. Investigators believe he shot and killed 22-year-old Jeremy Himmelman and 18-year-old Andrew Oneschuk at their apartment on Friday. He “wanted to bring attention to his cause,” according to a police report obtained by the Tampa Bay Times.

Cops said the 18-year-old Arthurs then stepped into the nearby Green Planet Smoke Shop, and took an employee and customer hostage using a semiautomatic pistol.

“Why shouldn’t I kill you?” he allegedly told the customer after telling him to get on the ground. Arthurs is also accused of also taking a second customer hostage after that person stepped into the store.

He surrendered to police after one person escaped and the officers convinced him to let the others go, cops said.

“I had to do it,” he allegedly told them. “This wouldn’t have had to happen if your country didn’t bomb my country.”

That is when Arthurs confessed to killing his roommates back at his apartment using a rifle, cops claim.

He allegedly told officers “he had been privy to neo-Nazi internet sites threatening to kill people, and he had developed a thinking that he should take some of the neo-Nazis with him.”

Court records obtained by show he has been booked on two counts of first-degree murder, two counts of aggravated assault, and three counts of armed kidnapping. “Khalid” is listed as one of his aliases. Arthurs, who remains at Hillsborough County Jail with no bond, could get the death penalty if convicted.

Anonymous said...

Update a Portland guy who targeted musilms have a criminal record plus ties to hate groups.

Anonymous said...

Muslim migrants face vigilante justice in Europe and yes the gateway drug to start vigilante action is always accuse the targets of being drug dealers and rapists.

Anonymous said...

Yes the Land where the IRA (Irish Republican Army) has strikes again. See the IRA has a history of spewing vigilante justice based on allegations that their opposition is a rapist and drug dealer.

The IRA has a history of spewing shell parties like RAAD to target Drug dealers in the country. Now this same country is targeting people they accuse of being rapists.

Anonymous said...

Yes Tiger Woods will get beat up by ESPN, CNN, NBC Sports and Fox Sports over his Drunk driving allegations and medical issues. But really the Sports media wants to beat him up over a scandal from a decade ago over infidelities. Like you say drunk drivers have higher repeat offenses than other detained people. I saw one study that said murderers and rapists are less likely to have repeat offenses than DUI people, hate group leaders and robbery convicts.

Anonymous said...
. Ireland has a mob justice issue. In Ireland an innocent man was beaten up by thugs who accuse him of being a rapist. Note the article later says the accused guy was innocent and the thugs were attempting to go after another guy they accuse of being a rapist.

Anonymous said...

Deceased Bounty Hunter are under fire for escalating a shootout while looking for a fugitive. Now a former cop talks to CBS News about the expertise for cops.

Anonymous said...

. Yes Alex Jones is unstable in real life and abused his wife. This is while Alex Jones has a history of accusing two companies of rape while Alex Jones himself may have grabbed 150 women.

Anonymous said...

Mundanematt does a segment of where a school district accused a deceased guy of rape.

Anonymous said...

Yes as we see again by Irish Law enforcement and the Irish courts that vigilante justice always make a country escalate their crime rates such as RSO issue.

Anonymous said...

Update Bounty Hunters have to be on a registry too.

Anonymous said... Well Trump and dictators have been an issue for some time.

Anonymous said...

A show does a look at Vigilante Justice
Boy Im Grabbed by the ego.

Terrorists struck fear into our hearts by recording the torture and executions of prisoners. That idea can be taken one step further with the technology of a livestream. Vigilante justice may be cool for the superheroes to tangle with, but it’s a very different thing for a private citizen to undertake. This week’s episode of Chicago P.D. starts with vigilante justice, and ends with one detective fighting for the right to carry a badge.

Intelligence makes it too late to the body of Elijah Hendricks, whose torturous death is livestreamed on Facebook. His death was inspired by a post of him on a private group page belonging to the self-appointed “Perv Hunters”. They’re a group of vigilantes who expose registered sex offenders, but they’ve never killed before. Intelligence uses the Perv Hunters to entrap the murderer, Jeremy Pettigrew. Based on a tip from Detroit P.D. and a psych consult from Lindsay’s therapist, Pettigrew is revealed as a self-loathing pedophile. It’s bad enough that his rage drove him to burn two men alive, but something had to trigger this violence. Pettigrew recently kidnapped and molested a child, and no amount of illegal questionable interrogation tactics by Lindsay can save him. Intelligence puts a lot of bad people away, but it doesn’t change the three dead bodies they have, and the one cop who might go down in the process.

Voight notices for the first time that Lindsay and Halstead’s personal problems are seeping into their work. They’d never let it get to the point where it would hurt an investigation, but better safe than sorry. Lindsay even snaps at Halstead for trying to advise her on what to do with Bunny. It’s not as if his advice is not anything he or Voight hasn’t said before. This may have started with Halstead, but Lindsay has deeper issues to deal with. For now Lindsay partners with Burgess’s temporary replacement Upton. Halstead may see it as punishment, but Voight sees that the two need distance from each other. Upton is a really loyal partner for Lindsay, but she shouldn’t have to put her career on the line for a partner she’s had for a few days. Lindsay can’t shove her gun into a suspect’s mouth and expect not to be reprimanded.

Anonymous said...

Yes a GOP politician is calling for vigilante justice Clay Higgins' fiery Facebook post on America's "war with Islamic horror" has attracted widespread attention and some criticism.

"Not a single radicalized Islamic suspect should be granted any measure of quarter," Higgins, the Louisiana Republican and freshman congressman, posted Saturday after an attack on unarmed people in London. "Their intended entry to the American homeland should be summarily denied. Every conceivable measure should be engaged to hunt them down. Hunt them, identity them, and kill them. Kill them all. For the sake of all that is good and righteous. Kill them all."

The Facebook post, made on Higgins' campaign FB page but not on his congressional page, garnered hundreds of comments over the weekend, including criticism from the "political left," according to Higgins' campaign adviser, Chris Comeaux.

"The leftist media is reading (Higgins' statement) at their convenience," Comeaux said Monday morning. "He is not talking about all of Islam."

Meet the dogs behind the stars of ‘Megan Leavey’

Comeaux said Higgins specifically says "anyone identified as an Islamic terrorist" should be "hunted down and killed."

"He is trying to be truthful," Comeaux said.

Comeaux said the remarks have spread on "progressive blogs" and "comments have shifted to trolls, people who have never heard of Clay Higgins."

He said he has answered questions from websites such as Jezebel and the Huffington Post and "a few place I've never heard from."

Comeaux said he has "seen this happen to conservatives before," where liberal sites follow conservatives and write critical comments on them. He said "the left can mobilize hundreds of people from all over the country," creating the idea that "there is outrage toward that individual or his comments.

"They just latch on to something then try to run with it," he said.

Higgins' congressional spokesman, Andrew David, said Higgins operates both a congressional Facebook page and a campaign one. He said Higgins' successful 2016 campaign never took down its website.

David said Higgins operates the dual sites because of ethics regulations.

Pearson Cross, a University of Louisiana at Lafayette political scientist, said operating an ongoing campaign website is probably common among congressmen, who, because they face re-election every two years, must raise campaign funds nonstop to be successful.

He said Higgins' comments on the campaign website were probably targeted to Higgins supporters, those pre-disposed to follow him.

Nonetheless, Cross said, "voters can't discern" the difference between Higgins the sitting congressman and Higgins the candidate.ll-them-all/102519398/

Anonymous said...

Yes Pizzagate has an episode on Law and Order SVU.