Monday, June 12, 2017

Is the Oregonian slam of OSU ballplayer "Journalism" or vigilante attack? My belief is the latter

Oregon State baseball is in the College World Series, and one of the star pitchers for the team is a level 1 (that means low risk for you outsiders) registered citizen for an offense committed when he was 15 in Washington state. The timing of this article couldn't be worse, and I believe it was a targeted campaign to damage the career of a young man who has served his time as a juvenile. This isn't the first time the WHOREgonian has written such drivel. 

I believe this is worthy of discussion on AZUnites for a reason. This is why I believe this was a targeted harassment campaign and not mere "journalism." [NOTE: Much of this piece was crossposted from the Shiitake Worthy blog, so if you've read that stuff first, you won't see much new material here.]

Why write FOUR articles in the initial barrage? The articles were released in succession. The articles come at a rare time a registered citizen actually had a chance to be something more than a welfare dependent. The intent can be found in the very words of the writers. They are doing everything but explicitly starting they are acting as instruments of vengeance. 

Danny Moran [aka "Dummy Moron"] wrote the first damaging article. The WHOREgonian later reports: "Danny Moran, who covers the Oregon State baseball team for The Oregonian/OregonLive, didn't set out to tell this story when he began interviewing Heimlich in March for a profile about his success as a pitcher....After those initial interviews had been conducted, Moran performed a routine background check - something we do on profile subjects. He ran Heimlich's name through the Oregon courts database and came up with this: Heimlich had been cited in April for failing to update his sex offender registration in Benton County. Moran requested court documents in Washington state, where the molestation occurred. The public records reveal what happened..." He felt the need to give details about the crime, which of course means that me or anyone with a few minutes of time could find the name of this alleged victim. I'll get to the justification piece. 

Brad Schmidt [aka "Batshit"] co-authors the first offending report, then later takes the glory for harassing the President of OSU into denouncing the ballplayer.

John Canzano [CUNTzano] wrote THIS CRAP PIECE just to be a self-righteous prick, just like his skanky wife Anna. He's obviously trolling us by calling Moron's piece a "terrific piece of journalism." Oh, it's a piece... of bovine excrement! "As much as second chances are important, I don't know how anyone could put the sex offender's future first. Oregon State shouldn't have a single athlete on its campus who is guilty of a felony conviction involving a violent offense or a sex offense...If you're among those dismissing this as a youthful "mistake" from a kid who deserves a second chance at his baseball career, think first about the damage done to the survivor, who will carry this with her for life."

Mark Katches [M'Krotchrot]  is the guy who deserves to "Katch" the most heat in this lineup, because he wrote the article trying to justify the series of articles. So he wrote the worst piece of all the first four articles. It seems that they were anticipating backlash from the Anti-Registry Movement:(here's his possible criminal record, BTW). In fact, before the articles were reposted, this piece first came out WITHIN 5 MINUTES of the initial article!

"Some of our readers may say that Heimlich paid for his crime and completed his sentence. Others may argue that mistakes made by a minor should be forgiven, considering that studies show juvenile sex offenders rarely commit additional sex crimes after sentencing. Some will contend that we are undermining both Heimlich and his team as the Beavers embark on a quest to win a third College World Series title and with the major league draft just days away. We considered all of these factors.

Our society decided long ago that sex offenders should carry the burden of their conviction well after their sentences end - and that juvenile sex crimes should follow offenders into adulthood. Oregon wrote into statute that sex offenders cannot be released from their obligation to register with authorities unless they show a judge "by clear and convincing evidence" that they no longer pose a threat to public safety."

This statement isn't entirely true. SOME people believe registrants should carry the "burden" of their conviction beyond the sentence. Not everyone agrees that juvenile offenses should carry on into adulthood. In fact, there's quite a push against increasing juvenile sentencing policies. And while Oregon's policies are to keep everyone on the registry for life, not every shares that sentiment. In fact, Oregon is moving to a tiered system and lower level registrants (like Mr. Heimlich) may soon start falling off the list. 

John Canzano didn't stop there, writing more attacks on Mr. Heimlich and even went a step further, writing a 19-point A-to-S bullet point presentation as to why we should help this asshat light torches and sharpen pitchforks. Here are a few choice comments:

"Can we start with the premise that human life matters? Anyone disagree on that? This isn't a complicated starting point. The young relative who was molested by Heimlich deserves your thoughts and respect. The victim matters. She matters more than Heimlich. She matters more than baseball. She matters. Period. Anyone disagree there?" -- Has anyone read George Orwell's Animal Farm? You know that famous quote? 

"Some people, myself included, don't believe a registered sex offender has a place on a major college athletics team. I don't believe an athlete who has committed a violent offense, including domestic violence, belongs there either." -- Your opinion is not news, douchedragon. 

"If you're a registered sex offender, you'd better make it your business to know the law. Anyone blaming the law enforcement officer who caught the failure to re-register? Stop now. That officer is trying to protect the public." - Except that local police are often incompetent in understanding the registry law. And Oregon considers failing to pay that $70 annual fee "failure" to register. Obviously, Cuntzano fails at law. 

"For those making the, "He deserves a second chance!" argument ... where is that written? You make your own second chance in life. Also, your first. Heimlich is in control of his future just as he's always been. He will determine where his life leads. Your actions, if inappropriate, will result in opportunities being closed to you. That is no one's fault but your own." This works both ways, Clownzano. But besides that, a criminal sentence sets limits on punishment. Heimlich served his time. Here, Heimlich is the victim of CanZERO, who blames his victim for his actions. 

"On my radio show on Friday, we took calls from a mostly male audience that defended the victim. I was moved by the discourse. It was authentic, charged in the right direction and included some powerful moments from callers. Some called in to share their stories of abuse. Others, their anger. But it was a measured glance at why the story has splintered us." I'm sure it was because you pre-screen to only allow those who share your opinion on your show, you coward. 

"For those who say Heimlich has, "Paid his debt to society" or "Been punished for his crime," and should be left alone -- huh? An important part of his punishment is that he has to register as a sex offender. There's a reason a felony crime is a felony crime. The punishment is supposed to act as a deterrent." -- Thanks for helping me prove SCOTUS wrong in Smith v Doe. You're a useful idiot!

"The only positive that can come from this story is that Heimlich lives a long, productive life that has meaning. That he looks back at age 90 and realizes that he's overcome a horrible crime and done the best he could." -- I don't see how this complete fucktard expects Mr. Heimlich to "overcome" and have a "long, productive life" when vigilante scum like the gangbangers posing as Oregonian journalists will be there to ruin it for him. This kid will be lucky to get  ANY job, PERIOD, and if by some chance he plays baseball at the next level I'd be shocked. Stop trying to sugarcoat the fact you ruined this kid's life. If he overcomes, it will be IN SPITE of you and the other gossip writers. 

But hey, lets continue on to the hypocrisy of John Canzano. Here's an article where Canzano himself discusses the power of a second chance after other athletes committed horrible crimes in their youth:

If I didn't believe this to be a targeted harassment campaign designed to ruin this man's life, I wouldn't be adding this to AZUnites. They attack a young man and ruin any chances he has at a redeemed life, then blame their victim for it. It was coordinated for maximum humiliating impact. They admitted that their victim should continue should be punished long after his time was served. 

At this point, I think calling this "yellow journalism" or even "brown journalism" is no longer sufficient, especially where Canzano is concerned. This is a act of terrorism, plain and simple, ESPECIALLY with Canzano. The Canzano family runs a kid's charity. John's wife Anna has made a career off scaring the public about registered persons. So yes, this is an act of terrorism. 


Anonymous said... Wait until an army of Edgar Welches show up to the Oregon state baseball players house and play the hero card. How much are you willing to bet that the Oregonian is going to get an Edgar Welch/Alex Jones lawsuit coming to their news outlets. See has any of these Oregonian sports pundits seen Chicago P.D. "Army of one" Episode on NBC on demand app. Yes the references on that episode is a composite of Creep Catchers meet Edgar Welch meets Facebook murderer meets Infowars rolled in one episode.

Yes the first scene on that show was a student athlete that matches the description that OnceFallen just posted getting killed by an Edgar Welch type person. Damn I thought for one second it was fiction yet it comes real. Oregon the Florida Of the far left!!!

Anonymous said...

But oncefallen the Oregonian staff members who did this article are only performance artists like Alex Jones/Infowars. See Alex Jones sets the example that as long as I have a big audiences that attracts Trump cabinet members and get away with raping 150 women then its ok to get away with casting stones on rapists. In other words these people are bigger puppets and bigger dictators than even the late Roger Ailes of Fox News.

Lets see if the Leader of the Oregonian has been accused of grabbing the 4 writers you mentioned by the male parts. The leader of the Oregonian is the one that's controlling the 4 puppets here. Lets see what lawsuits we have on him.

Anonymous said... Update the fallout of the Darren Kelly murder by vigilante 1 year later. Damn the damage by vigilante is worse for the murder victims family. Darren Kelly was considered innocent by his family but the vigilantes apparently got special treatment by the victims family.

Anonymous said... Update apparently we Americans love mass shooters. See look at this the mass shooter in the Virginia was anti-Republican and was supposedly using vigilante justice on the Republican congress and happen to be aligned with Bernie Sanders (note I happen to allign with with him too)

Also the mass shooter have a long record for being detained by police too.

Anonymous said... Damn you might want to look at this study on mass shooters and domestic violence that is a crazy connection though.

Anonymous said... Now this is a family in desperate times trying to get justice

Anonymous said... Damn we convict an anti-drug vigilante for terrorism

Anonymous said...

CHICKASHA — Police are investigating after the body of an Oklahoma pastor with a previous out-of-state sex crime conviction was found burned on Friday morning near the church where he ministered under an assumed name.

The body of Pastor Michael Dean Walworth was found lying on the ground near First Missionary Baptist Church and a neighboring residence, according to a Chickasha Police Department report.

Walworth was pronounced dead at the scene by first responders, though his cause of death has not been determined and is still under investigation, the report said.

Many of Walworth’s parishioners said they knew his last name to be Willits — the same name he used on his Facebook page — but CPD Lt. Scott Weaver confirmed the victim’s last name as Walworth.

Walworth was convicted in Texas in 1998 on a charge of lewd or indecent proposals/acts to a child. Police said he was registered locally as a sex offender until recently, when that part of his Texas sentence expired.

David Fox attended the church where Walworth preached and met him in 2013 through a Christian 12-step program called Celebrate Recovery.

“I got nothing but good things to say about him,” he said. “He helped me out in a bad time, made sure I walked through it step-by-step and he was by my side cheering me on and believing in me the whole time. (It’s) just shocking why any low life would do that to him because I’m one of several people he did that for.”

Fox said he was unaware of Walworth’s past, but the fact that he was a convicted sex offender doesn’t change his opinion of him.

“We all have one (a past), and although that’s not the best past to have in the field of work and people he was working with, people do change and I still have nothing but good things to say about him,” he said.

Lane and Bright write for the Chickasha Express-Star.

Anonymous said...

An unapologetic white supremacist serving three life sentences for killing two people in 2013 was denied a new trial Friday. He claimed God told him to kill sex offenders.

Jeremy Moody, 34, of Union County, pleaded guilty in May 2014 to two counts of murder, burglary, kidnapping and other charges. He later filed a post conviction relief lawsuit claiming his court-appointed lawyers should have done more in the case to explore his mental illness.

Moody asked for the convictions to be tossed out.

A hearing was held in April in York at the Moss Justice Center. Judge Thomas Cooper dismissed the lawsuit Friday, said Dorothy Moore, spokesperson for the S.C. Attorney General’s Office who argued Moody had competent counsel and should stay in prison for the rest of his life.

Kevin Brackett, 16th Circuit solicitor who prosecuted Moody, called the decision the right one.

“Mr. Moody is right where he belongs,” Brackett said.

Moody and wife Christine each pleaded guilty to the killings of Charles and Gretchen Parker, just over the border from York County, and said they would do it again. Moody told police if he hadn’t been caught, he would have kept killing. Charles Parker had been registered as a sex offender.

At the time of the 2014 trial, Jeremy Moody had “skinhead” tattoo across his throat and the words “white power” tattooed on the top of his bald head.

Both Moodys had mental illnesses, their lawyers said when each pleaded guilty at the same time in a hearing and aftermath that caught national attention because of the rants and taunts the couple made about being proud of their crimes.

Update on the Moody incident