Friday, June 23, 2017

Xavier Von Erck from Perverted Justice still offers up a heaping pile of BS in his reasons for backing off of harassing anti-registry activists

Somehow, von Jerk flew this under our radar, but it is god for a giggle. He claims his group backed off of what he called "pedophile activism" (which obviously included legal reformists which had nothing to do with age of consent laws) because of "a nice string" of alleged victories. In reality, they backed off because workuing with real LE means they could no longer engage in criminal activity, like harassment and slander.

Not much else to say about this but to have a chuckle at Von Jerk's expense. Well that and being shocked the rat man popped up in this decade at all.

According to Von Erck, his group of internet activists have lost interest in NAMBLA. "We shuttered our spin-off that was dedicated to exposing pedophile activists some years ago after a nice string of exposures, arrests, and convictions," he told me.


Bob Tacto said...

Huh?? I thought a Canadian deplorables group called Creep Catchers seized Xavier Von Erck's playbook and took it further. Perverted Justice the Canadian edition just got sued for a shitload of lawsuits over civil rights violations in regards to disabled people being profiled and falsely accused of Pedophilia. This is the vigilante group I tried to get into until I realized thats the secret here.

Xavier Von Erck has to be Ryan LaForge here.

oncefallendotcom said...

The Perverted Justice story is a lot more complex. The short answer is they went from online troll site to TV stars for the TCAP show and foun they liked the money more than trolling, so they tried to become legit LE O assistance group, those who only enjoyed the salacious aspects of the group left and PJ got rid of their side projects because they were getting sued and didn't want to derail the money train. PJ is barely a shell of themselves.

Now it is creepcatcher's turn.

Bob Tacto said... Update a vigilante group in Ireland has attacked another man they accuse of being a rapist.