Thursday, May 1, 2008

Give me what I want and I will go away

Finally, after two and a half weeks of running this little operation, the AZU crew finally tried to post a response up at this site. Sorry but I had to reject your post. But now that I have your attention, y'all, I have a few demands if you want this silly war to end.

It is no fun when you get a taste of our own medicine, is it now? For months you have attacked people whose only "crime" was speak out against a series of oppressive laws directed at former offenders. You mock their looks. You laugh at their plight. You call them "pedoheads/freaks," do silly videos and posts at your site and work hand in hand with the PJ cult. You put activists against these oppressive laws or anyone who isn't as zealous as you in killing all sex offenders in the same breath as NAMBLA and Boy/Girl love or whatever the hell its called (apparently you guys spend a lot of time there).

Anyways, your hypersensitivity has led you to some interesting observations. You evade straight questions, opting instead to goad us into coming to your hate site. AZU has no helpful info, just hate and idiotic comments; sometimes I wonder if you make up the "enemies" that post there. You spin everything so much I wonder if you can read anything straight. Seriously, AZU needs professional help.

There are many people who have suffered all sorts of terrible things in their lives. It is sad, it is wrong and it is unfair. But that gives you NO RIGHT to project your anger onto others. That makes you a criminal no matter what your reasons are.

That being said, the only way Unites will disappear is when I see you stop attacking former offenders who are not re-offending. I will stop when you stop engaging in criminal harassment, stalking, and threatening others, infringing on their privacy, and chasing them all over the internet. Only then will I go away. If you put that effort into teaching prevention and accountability rather than in trying to hurt others, we would be far closer to a solution to reducing sexual violence in America. Instead, you take the low road, harassing and trying to intimidate others. You tricks don't work with me. I am not intimidated by you.

AZUnites merely does what you have done to others. Isn't not so fun now is it? If it hurt you, imagine what it has done to others. But that's how I see what you do. You hurt others, for what reasons, I don't care. Its no excuse. Bottom line, when you straighten up and become the victim advocate you CLAIM to be rather than the cyberthugs you are, then I'll be happy to call a truce. Until then AZUnites! is here to stay.

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Lunarshape said...

Right on, this blog kicks vigilante thug ass!
These creeps hide behind the mask of "protecting the children" when in fact, they have plenty of skeletons in their closets which is why they never want to reveal who they are.
They frequent illegal pedo websites (i.e. Boy Chat) pretending they are someone else in hopes of defaming them, but in the meantime they get their rocks off. One sick bunch.
If the FBI really wants to find people committing crimes on the Net, all they have to do is take AZU and PJ cult members out of hiding.
Great blog and you have my support all the way.