Friday, May 2, 2008

The Common Thread

Today, I thought we'd play a fun game. Anyone who knows me knows I'm not a fan of Mark Lunsford. Well, if you haven't heard, Lunsford's 18 year old son, Joshua, was arrested for sexual conduct with a 14 year old girl. Now Lunsford speaks out AGAINST "Romeo and Juliets" (where he never did before) being sex offenses.

Court records indicate that the teenager allegedly put his hands down the pants of his 14-year-old girlfriend while they were kissing. Because the alleged incidents occurred less than two months after Joshua turned 18, he has been charged with a fourth degree felony.
The girl’s father pleaded guilty earlier this year to trying to choke Joshua.
Mark Lunsford has been quoted as saying that his son’s arrest doesn’t compare with the pedophiles whom he has helped to put in prison. “We’re talking about Romeo and Juliet here, not some 36-year-old pervert following around a 10-year-old”, Lunsford told a Florida newspaper. He is not the boy’s custodial parent and the boy does not live with him.
When asked how he felt about his son being labeled a sex offender if he was convicted, Lunsford said that “we have to learn to distinguish between Romeo and Juliet and a predator. We need to redefine the term ‘sex offender’, not ‘predator’”.

I brought this up not to debate that issue. I want you to compare that to the comments AZU mmber Petra Luna made on 20/20 back on March 14, 2008 (The corrupted- justice link is a transcript of the segment): (go to videos, look for "Vigilante Justice")

Stossel-- Arent some people on the registries kids who at age 16 had sex with another kid?

Peta Luna-- [rolls eyes] Yeah [sighs and shifts in chair] but that's not very likely, but it does happen and yes it-it-you know kids do end up you know one is right on the edge of the age and one is right on the edge of the age yes it does happen

Stossel-- They get put on the registry with 40 year old rapists

Petra Luna-- yeah but what are you gonna do? I mean its too bad that they have those things going on but its a necessary evil

Then, of course, AZU offers up this little gem:

"Watch for someone who defends an 18 year old for having sex with a 14 year old, then when asked the question "Would you have done it if she had been 12?" the response being "Oh NO, absolutely not, there must be a 'line' somewhere" Completely overlooking the fact that there WAS a line and it was crossed.

All those things are known as spin. Those are things you need to watch out for. Spin is an unethical manipulation of factual information to make something appear to mean something that in reality it does not mean.Spin is evil.Spin is enabling behavior.The Antis won't stand for it."

So AZU recognizes that the 18 year old having sexual contact with his 14 year old girlfriend on the 20/20 show was crossing a line. You have to watch for someone who defends this behavior. But yet, Mark Lunsford just did the same thing, stating his 18 year old son french kissing and fondling a 14 year old, and AZU is amazingly quiet about the issue.

"Hasn't the Lundsford family been through enough?" Daydreamer of Oz

So let me get this straight. You CONDEMNED Patty Wetterling, who has NEVER received closure for a kidnapped son, claiming she has a sex offender son. But Mark Lunsford has "suffered enough." If you goggle Patty Wetterling, you find no scandals attached to her name. However, if you google Mark Lunsfords name, a number of controversies will come up:
  • Child Porn on his computer
  • Questionable use of funds and gifts to the Jessica Marie Lunsford Foundation
  • His recent lawsuit diected at the sheriff
  • And don't forget the defense of his son after charged with a sex offense

Yet, they lambaste someone for questioning Lunsford's motives:

******* is a complete Sociopath and her recent actions illustrate just how "reformed" she is.What a sick example of psychology she is, attacking the parents of children who were murdered and sexually abused; harassing, threatening and libeling innocent people with allegations of child pornography and child molestation. Someone so senseless and devoid of boundaries belongs in either a prison or a mental hospital.jacey

Petra Luna's chief space cadet denounces anti-Lunsford sites, and states its perfectly okay to be involved in controversy.“billy”-berg-repeat-sex-offender-child-predator-released-into-the-community/

"I don’t know anyone named Josh Junsford. But if you’re talking about Josh Lunsford he’s a perfect example of how very few people are put on the sex offender registry for having teenaged sex."

Well VigilantAnti, do you know him or not? Its not like it wasn't mentioned in every true crime, RSO, and curent events blog in the country

So why is it Lunsford hasn't been dragged through the ringer like they have done to so many others? Maybe this is the reason:

WASP "Women Against Sexual Predators" A new and vibrant proactive subcommittee called WASP has been added to the Jessica Marie Lunsford Foundation.For more information.Please contact Penny Verde at or call 1.888.4jmllaw

Yep. Tracy Golden (WASP Ohio) is connected to Lunsford, Tracy is also connected to AZU. AZU is connected to PJ and Wikisposure. WASP Ohio contributes to both places. Xavier Von Erck posts comments at AZ. The sites link to one another very intimately, refer to each other, etc.

AZU warns us about people who defend 18 year olds who mess with 14 year olds, but they stand by their man Lunsford. Sounds a bit like hypocrisy to me. Either you CONDEMN an action or you DENOUNCE an action. Will AZU continue to stand by Mark Lunsford?

Hypocrisy is evil.

Hypocrisy is enabling behavior.

The anti-antis won't stand for it!


daydreamerfromhell & jackassey said...

Soundman51 Wrote

And that's what crimes and punishments are all about. If an individual commits a second offense, I'm sure the penalty will be so severe that he may never get out. And by the way, human rights watch disapproves of the new sex offender laws. I don't like a sex offender, but I do believe that former sex offenders should be given a chance. As for the stats, that ROR is due to a lack of supports, and the new laws.

AZUStitches77 replied

No it's not, sex offenders have always been that way. I bet you don't know why either, because all you've done here is repeat known RSO propaganda, none of which is based on fact. And yes HRW says sex offender laws are too strict. They also flip the statistic around backwards and try to make it appear that RSO's aren't dangerous when clearly they are.

See how dumb we are to make such stupid replies. We should all burn in hell.

PorkyPanther said...

Yes, I am also a not so educated bitch and I'm proud of it. I never answer direct questions and I beat around the bush a lot. I also goad people through Inuendo and double talk. hehehe

BiRDbrain said...

You see, in case you forgot, you are slug shit. You are worthless. You don't even qualify as dog meat. And the fact that you said the things you said to a victim of child sexual abuse proves that you should be locked up for the rest of your fucking pathetic life. You are a ticking time bomb. I wish for a world without you in it. I wish for a world without slug shit like you in it. You do not belong ANYwhere on this earth.

Stitches77 05.04.08

Response to another post. See how we think we are better than everyone else. It is we who tell people who does and does not belong on this earth. No we do not recognize our own cognitive distortions for we are elite.

In the middle of the first paragraph you will see " said to a victim..." nothing was actually said to a victim that is only one of many cognitive distortions we have here at az.

petra lunatic said...


Offenders aren't "lumped" with child rapists, in most states their charges are clearly written and defined. Regardless of their level of offense, they are justifiably considered to be a threat to minors. Everyone has to live with the consequences of their actions, including offenders.
But we, the peta lunatic society, do not have to take responsiblity. you can see by the ignorant comment my people made. we say things like 'they' are not lumped together, but in reality they are. This just makes it easier for us to justify ourselves. We don't care if you got caught taking a leek behind a dumpster, you are still a threat to minors.

Sorry joshua lunsford, have fun on the list. See you on wiki...

Anonymous said...

Stitches, I'm glad you have finally seen the real light of how thing are. I just knew it wouldnt be long fore them blinders came off! I guess the truth wore you down. Welcome!

tsand aka "Anti reoffender"

Anonymous said...

Stitches, I tried to post the following link at your AZ blog the other day, Asking you to tell me who was the REAL victim in this case, The 14 yr old or the man. You refused to publish it because it shoots big holes in your theory of who a victim really is. Arent you interested in "absolute" truth as you state in your AZ name? I guess not because the man is the real victim here and if you agree to that, it punches serious holes in your theory of what a victim really is and you would have to support a age defense law idea in order to protect adult men who get setup by by lying underage girls. Think about it Stitches.

tsand "Truth Exposer"

Anonymous said...


WarpedOhio said...

I see there is more connection between Judy Cornett and AZU. Lunsford, Cornett, Von Erck, Chris Brocious, and even John Walsh are all connected in one way or another.