Sunday, January 29, 2012

Pot advocate Dev Meyers is also a wannabe vigilante

The Examiner is a website that allows individuals the chance to pretend they are real journalists. They pay nominal fees to popular writers on a variety of subjects. A few weeks ago, a woman by the name of Dev Meyers, who is normally listed as a "National Cannabis Revolution Examiner," transformed herself into a "sex offender examiner." Maybe she was high on the cannabis when she decided to start writing on sex offender issues.

I wouldn't care if she didn't have this annoying habit of misspelling words like "Innocence" and making outlandish statements like the one above. But if that isn't enough, she accuses her detractors of being registered sex offenders, which got her in so much trouble, she eventually got her account deleted. Well, the SO Examiner account. But what do you expect from a pothead examiner who actually believes Casey Anthony is out to get her?

Too bad she recently decided to re-post her silly articles under "Mary 'Mother' Hubbard." She's a real mother alright, if you get my drift:

The Examiner really needs a more thorough screening process. UPDATE: Dev Meyers's alternate account has been deleted. Should she post a third, I'll post it here.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Shoalanda Speaks is more than just a "little racist"

Shoalanda Spews, er, "Speaks," is your typical idiotic independent crime blog created by some crazy soccer mom with too much time on her hands, but considering how her stupidity put my ex-fiancee's life in danger a couple years back, any time I can slam that retarded cunt on my blog, I will. So every once in a blue moon I read her blog. She obviously can't leave me name off her shitty blog so i try to even the odds. Speaking of odd, I found an interesting tirade from the bimbo on her blog recently:

I love how she uses the term WASP, a term favored by white supremacists and neo-nazi skinheads everywhere (On a side note, I wonder if Stitches 77 has found a new Skinhead website to attend lately). It is funny that she mocks a similar accusation of her racist remarks then denies being racist:

Whoever sent Trollanda that letter deserves a medal.

Any time you write a sentence beginning with this--Again the perfidies of the Muslim "so-called" religion -- or this -- Its ok with me if Muslims drink beer. Mormons too for that matter. But they can get it at the Wavaho like the rest of us. They don't need special privileges like the Mexicans.-- that comes of as white supremacy. I've discussed this before, but why is it so many people who run independent blogs like Shoalanda or AZU are also found on racist websites or expressing many types of hatred in other ways? Many are racist, homophobic, and anti-anyone who is not exactly like them. That is why they like to refer to themselves as "antis."

Which one is Shoalanda Speaks and which one is Stitches 77?

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

If you are going to play vigilante, at least learn to shoot

There is no place in society for half-cocked vigilante with a loaded gun, and stories like this illustrate just why the focus on sex crimes in society should be re-evaluated. When someone is accused of a sex crime, people feel it is open season on them. Somehow it is seen as okay to shoot blindly into a building of the accused. Now another crazy vigilante faces serious charges-- attempted-murder and assault. Well that's one less dangerous AZU member/reader on the streets.

Mother Is Charged In Mistaken Child Molester Shooting

Affidavit: Tarrara Garcia Believed Intended Target Molested Her Son

POSTED: 12:25 am MST January 10, 2012
UPDATED: 12:52 am MST January 10, 2012

Prosecutors have filed two counts of attempted murder against a Greeley woman accused of shooting one man and firing 27 bullets at another man whom police believe was her intended target.
The Greeley Tribune reported that 25-year-old Tarrara Garcia will also face two sentence enhancers of committing a violent crime using a weapon.
It started when a grandmother called Greeley Police on Christmas night and said her grandson had been sexually assaulted.
A police officer said he took the boy and his mother to the Medical Center of the Rockies for an exam. The officer said on the way to the hospital, Garcia asked if she could borrow his duty rifle "because she wanted to go shoot the person who touched her son," according to the incident report obtained by 7NEWS.
The shooting happened four days later at an apartment in Kersey. Investigators said Garcia suspected her intended target had sexually assaulted her son on Dec. 25. That man, who has denied the allegations, was not hurt, but 51-year-old John Collins was shot in the leg and hip.
Weld County Undersheriff Margie Martinez confirmed the intended victim was in the apartment at the time of the shooting, but was not hurt. Three other adults and three children were also in the apartment -- but no one else was hurt by the spray of gunfire.
The intended target told investigators he was in a chair next to the victim who was shot. He told police when the shooting started, he ran to the kitchen.
"The investigation revealed Garcia was handling justice on her own in regards to a sex assault incident that was reported to Greeley Police Department four days prior to the shooting," said Weld County Undersheriff Margie Martinez.
Garcia's friend, Khanh Tran, of Commerce City, was arrested on suspicion of being an accessory to a crime. Tran told police Garcia called him on Dec. 29 and asked him to meet her. Tran told police he felt Garcia was going to go stab the person accused of sexually assaulting her son, according to the incident report.
Garcia asked Tran to wait for her, and when she returned, Tran said she had a gun with her and that she said she "saw him through the window and 'shot him,' " according to the incident report.
Tran said when Garcia went to bed, he took the rifle, magazine and ammunition and put them in trash bins.
Tran is free on bond. Garcia remains jailed under a $500,000 bond.