Saturday, January 16, 2016

The crybabies over at "Sex Offender Updates' butthurt over AZUnites's earlier post. The truth hurts.

Apparently, the anonymous pussies over at that scammer's website "Sex Offender Updates" has been pissing and moaning over an earlier post I made on this blog

After reading their lame "response," it is painfully obvious the numbnuts who run the website lack reading comprehension skills. Here is their whiny response:

"In his blog post, Derek Logue referred to Sex Offender Updates as a 'scumbag wannabe vigilante group advocating the death penalty for those on the registry.' ​That is not accurate. We do not condone vigilantism. However, we have advocated for the death penalty. But, we have not said that all sex offenders on the registry should be executed. We don't think that all sex offenders deserve to be executed.​ So, here we have a guy who basically misstates and misrepresents our organization in his very first sentence."

They obviously can't read. (I never said they want to kill all sex offenders, either, so who is misrepresenting who?) They talk as if murders and assaults are the only forms of vigilante violence, but they neglect online vigilante violence as well. Harassment and death threats litter their FB page, and they are not condemning the comments or deleting the nasty remarks. The very existence of a website that posts defamatory and harassing information (info they borrowed from other dubious sites) about registrant activists, not just yours truly, is in itself the promotion of vigilante violence. 

These are just a few of the FB comments from the supporters of that site:

Any claims they don't promote vigilante violence is easily dispelled by the comments. After all, their scam site begs people to become "keyboard warriors." What a joke! 

Then there is this:

"If you think child rapists should get the death penalty, please sign up and join us in this fight. How come we do not execute these defective human beings when public opinion on this issue is about as unanimous as you could ever get in a nation of more than 300 million people?" (The"'Bandwagon" fallacy)

Their entire counterargument to AZUnites is this -- "So, here we have a guy who basically misstates and misrepresents our organization in his very first sentence. If that is how he is going to define us, why should we believe him when he defines his own sex offenses?" In other words, because I hurt their little feelings, I'm not to be believed. Cry me a river. No misrepresentation there. Here, SOU has engaged in the "Genetics" fallacy. 

Well, why believe them, I ask? After all, they use a FB "album" as evidence that low recidivism rates, as stated here:

"The argument that 95% of the sex offender population "never recommits a sex crime" is a lie... Sex Offender Updates would like to draw your attention a section of our website dedicated to exposing this lie. We call it the "Recidivist Spotlight" and we feature stories about sex offenders who were re-arrested or convicted of a sex crime more than three years after they were released from prison for their previous offense. We also have a photo album on our Facebook page dedicated to repeat offenders. Each one of these are specific examples of sex offenders whom Janice Bellucci says "never recommitted" a sex crime, even though we have it in black and white proving to you that she is wrong.​"

They obviously don't understand recidivism rates, but it is interesting how they think a FB album is going to prove numerous state and federal studies wrong. SOU has engaged i the "Anecdotal" fallacy. 

Without citing any evidence of most of their claims, they tried in vain to dispel the low recidivism rates:

Here are the key points to remember whenever you hear anyone suggest that sex offenders re-offend at a rate of 5%:
  • That is only over a three year period, not their entire life (I've already explained that most recidivism occurs in the first three years but not all, but not every uses a three year study)
  • This only includes individuals who were re-arrested and we never get 100% of the criminals (this equally applies, perhaps even more so, to those without a prior record)
  • Sex crimes are the most underreported crime in America (A myth that has been debunked more than Bigfoot and the Chupacabra)
  • Sex offenders released from prison are likely to be more skilled at avoiding detection (Another uteer bullshit argument without any basis in fact)
  • Sex offenders usually have multiple victims (again, a load of bullshit. In fact, the number of individuals with multiple victims is extremely low). 

They are still promoting other lies like how we are all somehow connected to NAMBLA (the same BS spewed by other dubious online groups like Pee-J/ AZU):

Of course, they even admit the following:

"Unfortunately, I have yet to see any mainstream media piece connect the dots and highlight the fact that the RSOL organization was co-founded by an admitted pederast who also helped found NAMBLA several decades ago." 

Gee, do you think it had to do with the fact that the only source for this outlandish claim is OTHER DUBIOUS WEBSITES? Perhaps it is because for all the flaws of the mainstream media, many reporters at least attempt to use VALID references and not junk found on the internet. If you believe everything you read online, next thing you'll know, you're off to join the Reptile Jesus cult. At this point, i'm waiting for the SOU FB page to be filled with "like and share with 10 people or the ghost of Megan Kanka will kill you" or whatever stupid shit FB users do these days. 

It is obvious the people at SOU can't be trusted to tell the truth about ANYTHING. 

By the way, if they're butthurt over Janice Bellucci's comparison between US sex offender laws and Nazi Germany (another thing I've discussed a decade ago, I might add), then I bet they're beside themselves over THIS ARTICLE by the Washington Post

I guess they'll be looking for a new Mailboxes Etc. to try to scam funds from the Facebook sheeple in the near future. 

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