Monday, December 15, 2008

Joseph Duncan was the excetion, not the rule

The newest mantra in the AZU is inaccurate and quoted out of context. Why am I not surprised?

Anti-Paedo says:
The truth is that I am not an exception, I am the rule! Most sex offenders are just like me

- Joseph Duncan Jan 2004

So I went to Joseph Duncan's blog, and didn't find the quote.

You won't find that quote there. Nor anywhere in the January 2004 archives. Does it really matter what Joseph Duncan feels anyways? No. Joseph Duncan doesn't speak for anyone else but Joseph Duncan. Of course, minor details like accuracy has never been protocol at Absolute Zero United. After all, they DID also claim Patty Wetterling had a non-existent sex offender son. And to think people actually believe what AZU says without checking the facts.

Of course, the true context of the passage, found in a different place, can be found below, in a far different place than AZU claimed it was in. []. In reality, most sex offenders won't re-offend, unlike Duncan, making him the exception rather than the rule []. The problem is, AZU wants to find the worst people and attach it to those where it doesn't apply. Can I apply the Andrea Yates case to every mother in America? The problem is, in our paranoia, we have consumed people for behaviors which call for a reprimand wather than a criminal case [see or]. How can you compare these people, especially those having consensual teen sex with other teens, to a Joseph Duncan, a man who was a serial rapist/ killer? Only people as deluded as AZU can fail to see a difference.

Duncan was the exception, not the rule. The truth is, Duncan is as rare as a lottery winner. They exist, but are very rare. Duncan doesn't speak for the hundreds of thousands of individuals who have learned their lessons and have gone on to live non-offending lives. But stories of success is not what AZU stands for.

Absolute Zero United's  tactics are no different from the Ku klux Klan, who will point to every crime committed by an African American man and claim that is proof everyone they hate is evil. Or, they are not above slandering and lying to prove a point. Think about who you want representing this fight, a company like, a place that offers real solutions to a growing concern and issue in the USA, or AZU, who offers nothing more than lies and deception in order to promote themselves? I think the answer is obvious.

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Anonymous said...

I'm watching through the X Files season one currently and I'm thinking the AZU idiots were "alien" abducted and had lil transmitters implanted up their... lol!