Monday, December 1, 2008

Hypocrisy AZU Style

Is Mien Kamphf just words? The Anarchist Cookbook? The Hitman's Primer?These stories are obscene by any decent person's standards. Obscenity isn't protected speech. -- Rob Taylor

For once, a member of Absolute Zero says something somewhat truthful. Obscenity is NOT protected by the 1st Amendment. However, AZU is ignorant of what the word "obscene" is. Obscenity follows the Miller Test:

Miller test — The Miller test is the list of criteria used to determine whether particular material is obscene. The Supreme Court held in Miller v. California (1973) that the material is obscene if:
1. The average person, applying contemporary community standards, would find that the work, taken as a whole, appeals to the prurient interest, which means arousing sexual desire.
2. The work depicts or describes, in a patently offensive way, sexual conduct specifically defined by the applicable state law.
3. The work, taken as a whole, lacks serious literary, artistic, political or scientific value. Court battles often focus on this third prong of the test.

But Rob Taylor is just a Rush Limbaugh wannabe who doesn't know all the facts. His examples given were not "obscene," but may fall under different non-protected speech. But AZU has never been the kind of organization to give you the facts to begin with. Nor are they privy to their own "cause" when it involves people like Mark Lunsford:

(Comment Board for "Nothing Below an Anti"-- ironically with an obscene description of child rape written by a member of AZU):

Stitches 77 says:

"RSO's claim Mark Lunsford had CP on his computer yet there is no evidence to support that. They have a news article, and there's a statement that there was a LOT of adult pornography on his computer and a cp image that didn't even know if it had been accessed or not found in the recycle bin. he could have received it attached to some of the adult porn he downloaded, who knows? The point is that people look at what they are interested in. If I saw someone with a computer full of cp I would think they were interested in children wouldn't you? If they had a computer full of adult porn and one image of cp I would think they were interested in adults and somehow got an attachment."

Really? I know of a case where that happened and AZU attacked the guy en masse. Who said it was one picture anyways? The Citrus County article did not say "one case." I had spoken about their attachment to Lunsford in a previous post:

Stitches also claims "sex offenders can't be cured," yet John Walsh admitted to having a sexual addiction. In the same comment link above, stitch-cunt says:

"John Walsh has said he was sucessfully treated for a sex addiction... Naturally they fail to understand that it's not illegal to have an addiction to sex, it's not illegal to sleep around, it's not illegal to have sex with people who can consent nor is pornography illegal. John Walsh's behavior in NO WAY equates to criminal behavior..."

Again, stitch-cunt has no grasp on sexual addiction. Many sex addicts commit a variety of deviant acts, many of which are illegal. Plus, having an affair is a great betrayal of trust that can leave emotional scars lasting a lifetime for those who do not heal from it. blind hatred in one hand, blind loyalty in the other hand. It leaves little doubt as to AZU's true intentions.

Speaking of obscene language, resident airhead Tracy "WASP Ohio" Golden adds another dumb random comment. No doubts as to the minset of the average AZU troll there:
(message board to "Rickysmom says, 'It was just horrifying' ")

I have an urge to write some stories for theraputic reasons.Anyone interested in a torture murder story about a woman getting even with sex offenders?It is just words.

Yeah. Its "just words" of a depraved individual who poses a clear and present danger to society and who should be civilly commited, along with her alter-ego who has devoted his/her life to creating a phony me and build shrines to me on a daily basis. I have an urge to write, too. A blog about a group of degenerate cyber-bullies posing as child victim advocates. In the end, it truly is about victimization. AZU gets off on rape, torture, and murder. What better way to hide their sadism and psychopathy than under the guise of "child advocacy?"

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Voice of Reason said...

i'd never heard of the lunsford case.. part of not being in america i spose. having read about it i felt i had to make a post on it as the hypocrisy is stunning. thanks for the interesting post