Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Xavier Von Erck - Stitches 77's hero

Perverted Justice, the pudgy faced, gorilla bearded, closet pedo, and master-baiter and Absolute Zero Retarded colloborator Xavier Von Erck, in all his "glory," such as lying, claiming a reporter spat in his face, and and hurling insults. Between him and Petra Luna, who is worse (and dumber)?



Anonymous said...

He looks like a hoodlum in that getup! its impolite to wear a hat indoors but jerkoffs like him dont give a shit about morals. Loser!!!


Voice of Reason said...

Who is this obnoxious fat fuck anyway? He's involved with PJ? I've never heard of him. Obviously he's got no manners and doesn't like journalists asking him questions. Maybe he should go back to working in Springfield's comic shop.

Anonymous said...

Springfield's "Comic Book Guy" says:

How dare you compare me to that obnoxious compulsive masturbater! You'll be hearing for my attorney real soon, and you'll have to buy your Radioactive Man comics somewhere else

WarpedOhio said...

AZUStitches77 says:

He's my hero, not my lover! I wub my Tier 3 sex offender boyfriend Static

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you too mention that Phillip John Eide is a total closet case pedo.

I incidentally talked to a friend of mine about that yesterday.

He's a lot like Fred Phelps is with being a closet gay.

I mean why else would you spent day and night "hunting pedophiles" and hating them?

Once Fallen said...

From what I've heard, his fat heifer of a wife, Erika, was underage when they first hooked up.