Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Your typical AZU troll

Seeing is believing, so watch Petra Luna, AZU alum now largely MIA (after her Shiitake Award winning performance) in all her "glory." THIS is what a typical Absolute Zero troll acts like.


So, after seeing the video, is Petra Luna high, crazy, stupid, or all of the above? You decide. What's with the laugh, anyways? Its no wonder they think such things as Patty Wetterling as a sex offender while idolizing corrupt Mark Lunsford.


Anonymous said...

Barb forgot to take her anti act stupid pill before the 20/20 ya know!

I;m thinking the alien implant has her acting goofy...bend over and let me check lol!


Anonymous said...

Petra Luna seems to be idolized by people (as I see on various websites), yet a lot of major media organizations want nothing to do with her. If you look online, you don't see very many negative things written about her.

Once Fallen said...

That's only because the only things out there about her came from her supporter sites. She lost a lot of credibility after her 20/20 fiasco (many assumed she was high and/or crazy) and many of her previous supporters at least privately denounced her, and she's pretty much backed off the front lines of the PJ/AZU front.