Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Biker Assholes Advocating Killing member busted for theft

Because bikers are such "fine, outstanding" citizens. Ahem.

It's an old article, 2011, but BAAK is behind BACA in terms of members getting caught committing crimes.


Millbury firefighter charged in thefts
Man also accused of extortion, fraud, and embezzlement

By Gary V. Murray
Telegram & Gazette Staff / January 28, 2011

WORCESTER — Bail was set at $1,000 cash for a Millbury call firefighter arrested yesterday on charges of stealing from the Fire Department and a charity he set up, extorting money from a local church, and workers’ compensation fraud.

Robert Giannette, 46, was arrested after what a prosecutor said was an exhaustive police investigation.

Giannette was arraigned in Central District Court on two counts of larceny of more than $250, embezzlement of more than $250 by an association member, extortion by false report of a crime, and workers’ compensation fraud.

Giannette posted $300 cash bail set at the police station after his arrest, but Judge Paul L. McGill increased the bail to $1,000 cash or $10,000 with surety, citing a history of defaults on Giannette’s one-page criminal record.

Giannette was taken into custody by court officers when he was unable to post the increased bail.

Giannette started a motorcycle club charity called Bikers Against Abusing Kids and used money donated to the group for personal expenses, police said. He told members of the charity that he was seeking nonprofit status, police said.

The charity is not a nonprofit organization, police said, asking that anyone who donated to it to contact them.

On Sept. 21, Giannette and several other members of the charity went to the home of a man who was being investigated for indecent assault and battery on a child, but who had not yet been charged, said Detective Kimberly Brothers. Armed with a sword in a sheath, Giannette allegedly knocked on the door and handed the man literature related to the charity’s activities.

The man called police after the visit, and police told Giannette not to interfere, according to the detective. The next day, Giannette went to the man’s place of employment and gave his employer more material from the charity, police said. The man was later fired from his job, Brothers said.

Police also said Giannette, who is receiving workers’ compensation while out on medical leave from the Fire Department, extorted money from a local church he did some painting for. Giannette told the church that if he was not paid money he was owed, he would go to the town and report what he said were code violations and a lack of proper permits at the church, police said.

A search of Giannette’s apartment Wednesday found several items that the Fire Department later said were stolen, including an ax and firefighting “turnout gear,’’ Brothers said.

Giannette’s court-appointed lawyer, Peter B. Clifford, said the Fire Department property police found in Giannette’s apartment was equipment he needed when called upon to fight fires.

Clifford, who asked that his client be released on the previously posted $300 cash bail, said the financial allegations against him may involve “as little as $1,800.’’

He also said Giannette had a legitimate workers’ compensation claim

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