Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Occupy Stupidity: The scary link between extreme feminism and vigilante groups

Whether you love or hate the Occupy movement, the intent of it was to bring together those from all walks of life in SOLIDARITY against the "1%" of the world who holds the power and wealth over the rest of us. The words SOLIDARITY and UNITY are used a lot to describe the movement. The 99%.

However, some who have joined the movement have ulterior motives. There is no greater example than that of the "Occupy Patriarchy" cult. When South Park mocked the 99%, maybe they had these nuts in mind, because they claim they are the "52%", which apparently means women are the majority so that really means that men need to rally for their rights as minorities.

in February 2012, in Boston Massachusetts, the Occupy Boston group was holding a general assembly. A subgroup called the Occupy Boston Women's Caucus was trying to expel sex offenders from being allowed to participate in the Occupy movement. they were blocked, and some left in disgust. I have already discussed the details of the problems the feminists are causing in the Boston occupy movement on my once fallen blog.

Norma "Jinx" Jones
However, it is the situation and the Nasville Occupy movement that is a bigger concern. Cynthia Harvey of the Evil Unveiled website, under her other pseudonym Trillian Dent, is an active member of Occupy Nashville. Her close associate in the movement is Norma Jinx Jones, who is well-known as a provocateur and an extremist that many of the Nashville occupiers want no part of.

Just so you'll know there is a definitive link, here is Norma's crap blog:


Dumb Norma jinxes Cynthia Harvey by once again confirming "Veronica's" identity.

Also, while I was at "Victoria's" home to speak with her,

So how much longer will Cynthia Harvey deny her identity? Maybe a little visit to her slave house will change that :)

But I digress. Feminists are latching on anything that remotely sounds anti-woman. So what are they up to these days?

Nothing like going around chanting 'Vagina! Vagina!" I'm going to Occupy the Red Light district down in Nashville and chant that.

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