Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The hypocrisy of Anonymous

Not my graphic, I can spell ASSES, but you get the idea
Anonymous is a group of Internet hackers that have been around causing trouble or various websites for the past few years. Recently, law enforcement officials have caught up to the group, and many have been arrested and incarcerated for various Internet related crimes. Anonymous is seen as a cyber-terrorist group, and rightfully so.

So what do you do when you are a group that is seen as criminal, illegal, and just plain annoying? You pull a page out of the politicians' scandal defense book, and target so-called "pedophiles".

So the group Anonymous, which came from 4chan (and more specifically, /b/), the very website they gave us Pedobear, , is targeting websites that they believe is "promoting pedophilia." In addition to trying to undo the damage of years of terrorist attacks, the anonymous group is trying to show themselves as a "kinder, gentler cyber terrorist organization" by going after some the same people they themselves are accused of being. 

Personally, I would not care if that was what they were doing, but seeing as how the members of this group are smart with computers but done with research, they are starting to targets websites that are unaffiliated with any groups that trade in or discuss ways to trade child pornography or engage in any illegal activities.

Part of the problem is they are relying on the evil unveiled website, and longtime readers of this blog knows what evil unveiled is all about. Anybody who relies on EU as a legitimate source of information should have their heads examined. Such is the case with Anonymous. They should consider the source of evil unveils information, Cynthia HarveyI guess I should not expect too much in the way of research from a bunch of kids with too much time in front of a computer popping Zits and playing World of Warcraft in their Star Trek attire while cursing Klingon at their computers in between hacking episodes. 

The website that spawned Anonymous has done more to spread deviant sexual behavior than many of their alleged targets. When you consider the source of both Anonymous and Evil Unveiled, you will see both a lot of hypocrisy and a lot of incompetence. Perhaps they should target her own birthplace instead.

However, long after Anonymous tires of their games and moves on to the next episode, those sites that do not advocate pedophilia, but advocate reform to the American sex offender laws will still be online and will still continue to fight.

We are Anonymous.We are Legion.We do not Forgive.We do not Forget.Expect Us.

Well, I am the fallen one. I am one of 750,000 people discriminated against by the government. I have learned to forgive, but I do not forget and thus I fight. Expect me to continue the fight.

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