Sunday, April 13, 2008

Child Advocates?

In a recent study of 21 industrialized nations the United States placed 20th in child well-being. The Netherlands took first place. Looks like some countries still possess parenting skills and don't need the hype, the hysteria, the constant proclamations of how much they love their children or the online vigilante hate groups that use children and live to hate. I don't know anything about the laws in the Netherlands but their actions put our words to shame.
As a child advocate I think prevention is a win/win situation. Members of absolutezerounited fight that idea like the plague. They say such efforts diminish the seriousness of the crime. If there is no crime it can't be diminished but we aren't dealing with rational people. Stop It Now! is a legitimate organization with their focus on prevention and the children do come first. Check it out if you want to see real child advocates at work.

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WarpedOhio said...

Here is an interesting quote from Marty Kline's "America's War on Sex:"

"There is so much money to be made scaring the hell out of Americans about sexuality that no one on this gravy train can afford to slow it down. Any outsider who questions this juggernaut is immediately labeled insensitive, anti-family, immoral, or a pedophile." (See: p. 47)

Places like AZU wouldn't be needed if we focused on prevention.

By the way, here's the links to a couple of real prevention groups: