Thursday, April 17, 2008

I'm not a vigilante, I'm a blogger..."

Stitches 77: "Why are you calling me a vigilante? I'm a blogger just like you." (She then proceeds to defame and harass poster)

vig·i·lan·te - n
1. law-enforcing citizen: somebody who punishes lawbreakers personally rather than relying on the legal authorities

If AZU targets were indeed breaking the law, they have a duty to notify the authorities, which they don't. Instead, they dole out their own brand of justice that involves:

1. Drudging up as much info on said person as possible
2. Posting said personal info at AZU or Wikisposure, with labels like "pedophile" and "pedophile enabler"
3. Video montages and pasting pictures of target in various idiocies like klan suits and horse's asses

"I'm not stalking or harassing. I'm uncovering your lies."

ha·rass - vt
1. keep bothering or attacking somebody: to persistently annoy, attack, or bother somebody
2. exhaust enemy with repeated attacks: to exhaust an enemy by attacking repeatedly


3. vt-- trouble somebody steadily and malevolently: to assail somebody in a steady and sinister way
4. vt law-- harass somebody persistently: to harass somebody criminally by persistent, inappropriate, and unwanted attention, e.g. by constantly following, telephoning, e-mailing, or writing to him or her

I think googling a name or screen name for the sole purpose to telling a forum in New York City some poster from a thousand miles away is a sex offender. Seriously who in NYC gives a flying flitter about that? But those actions are persistent. Lets see, following, check, persistence, check, malevolent, check, constant, check, inappropriate and unwanted, check and check, repeated attacks, check and check.

She then admits she was there to bother him:

"Do you need to be speaking to me for me to respond to your statements ***?
That's a new one on me. Nevertheless I WAS addressing YOU."

Before I finish, though, an ironic statement by Stitches of the seventy and seven:

"Religion isn't the issue, political affiliation isn't the issue, race certainly isn't the issue. The issue is about good and evil. You might can cure a mentally disturbed individual, but you can't cure evil. There is no cure for dumbass either."

Thankfully there is a cure for both evil,and dumbass, or we'd have to give up on absolute zero united.

(PS: for examples of persistence, all you have to do is read anywhere Stitches et al. posts, and see who she's bitching at)


WarpedOhio said...

Oopsies I almost forgot to mention this little gem (how much you wanna bet she is a packrat, I mean, she loves to leave her dirty laundry all over the WWW):

Comment No. 371540

This comment of *****'s had absolutely nothing to do with the topic at hand.

***** has gone to the pedophile message boards asking them all to come here and attack ****.

In typical pedophile fashion they don't care what the topic of discussion is, they only care about promoting themselves. Be prepared...**** is only the first.

Comment # 371545

stitches77, Neither does yours!

You're condemning someone for something that you did and are doing yourself.


stitches said...

Stitches77 was there from
Ringgold and her friend Violet Leaves was there from Southfield. I really concentrated on what they had to say about victimization being a life sentence. Maybe it really is for many and they can't help hating or even becoming a sex offender themselves. So many offenders are victims of abuse just like these ladies. I never thought being abused should be used as an excuse for abusing and I still don't. But these particular individuals are helping me to understand that they are not mentally ill but they are mentally damaged. So a victim turned abuser is different than an abuser who has never been victimized. By their reasoning an abused offender is different. Wonder if they would fight for them?
This is scary stuff. All roads lead back to victims. How long will it be before we start killing all victims to insure they don't become abusers. We have people who are very vocal about sexual abuse being the same as death so we are just a small step away.