Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The Show Must Go On

For four long months, I have endured the worst Absolute Zero United has to offer, including the mock blogspots, the videos mocking me, the Wikisposure page calling me a pedophile. False accusations. Slander. Cyberstalking (don't tell me googling your screen name for the sole purpose of telling everyone you're a "pedohead" is not cyberstalking, especially when you've done it numerous times). Phone calls at 3 am. My evidence file has grown in Megs over those four months.

The idea to create this site came a week ago, after so many people were harassed by members of Absolute Zero United, some of their targets figured the only way to show them how foolish they are is to create a counter site. Thus, Absolute Zero Unites was born.

For a week or so now, I have posted under a derivative name of the poster to took it upon herself to attack me for my involvement in a civil rights rally. So "Stitches" and I took it upon ourselves to fight fire with fire, so to speak. Why not repost their words (unlike AZ, however, its fully resourced AND not taken out of context). Why not expose their illicit tactics, like they "expose" allegedly dangerous individuals (without the posting of names, phone numbers, etc). Why not call them out on THEIR lies, misconceptions, myths, and fallacies? This site may have been thought up with the intention of being a "spoof" of AZU, but Unites is still a site based on the facts.

What do I hope to achieve? Well, I hope AZU sees how foolish they are in doing what they do. If a person is a "clear and present danger" as they claim, then you should contact LE; instead they take the low road, doling out their own brand of justice. They justify what they do by dehumanizing their targets, which excuses their attacks in their own minds; they pore through all your posts in hopes to find something that can be misinterpreted so they can justify their attacks; they choose to be bitter and hurt people because they were hurt themselves or have a warped sense of justice, or possibly just like hurting people. And sex criminals are easy targets.

Whatever the reason, there is no justification for engaging in such activities as posting personal addresses, claiming you're a "pedohead/freak," calling you at 3 am, or creating defamatory videos about you because hey don't like you. That is stupid, childish, and most of all, illicit.

So it came to pass I ran into Stitches 77, Daydreamer of Oz, and Messy Medic (who is replacing WASP Ohio as my least favorite), on a "neutral" site called www.sexoffenderalliance.com. Anyways, they weren't too fond of this counter site and demand I take it down. Well I have a list of demands, so at the moment, I called a ceasefire to at least try to see what the hell their problem is. So they basically want me to not be active in my cause. Too bad, I can't do that. And their other demands are even less reasonable. Essentially they want me to be quiet and do and say what they want and then MAYBE they will do what I ask. I DON'T THINK SO!

Until I see changes in how the absolute zeroes operate, and that includes wholesale reform of their sites (yes that includes all affiliates and contributors), then there is a compelling interest in keeping this site open. I consider Absolute Zero United a "clear and present danger" to society and to former offenders whose only real crime of interest to AZ is being bold enough to speak out against these laws.

There is a single that describes AZU's tactics of slander, defamation, cyberstalking, cyberharassment, and bullying tactics. It's called "CRIMINAL." And Unites (derivative names and all) will exist as long as the need to expose AZU as the criminal organization they are.

PS: Don't dish out what you are unwilling to take, AZ!


Anonymous said...

Ignore them, they will go a way eventually. You have freedom of speech, so use it..

scarletletter said...

Keep this site up fallenone. The az crowd are nothing but a bunch of hypocites, and you can add pink panther to the list too. She likes to provoke with her innuendo's and her pro az attitude. I'm done with that other site and tired of the double talk with the likes of these idiots.

WarpedOhio said...

Every group has a counter group. This is absolute zeroes counter group. I'm sick of their "poor me, let me attack you in peace" attitude.

I tried to warn them about AZ and they want to diss me. Let them find out the hard way for all I care.

AZ trolls are CRIMINALS plain and simple.

PS: Please call me "Warpedohio" here. So long as they continue to engage in their criminal activity, I will bear this derivitive name of the one who started with me. If you're unhappy with that "other group," there are others you should look into. Go to http://www.oncefallen.com/LinksPage.html, I have links to other places that you may feel more comfortable in.

Anonymous said...

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