Saturday, April 26, 2008

Troll Speak

You know, we need a translator when dealing with the trolls, so I have provided you a handy translators guide in the event you come across members of absolute zero united or even a member of perverted-justice:

"Antis:" How AZU identifies themselves. "Anti" is short for "antisocial," which is fitting when you consider their approach to anyone who doesn't agree with them, even a district attorney.

On Jan. 12, 2008, Stitches 77 says, "I could care less what an Iowa attorney says or ANY attorney for that matter." ( The "Iowa attorneys" she was referring to was the Iowa County Attorneys Association, the group of PROSECUTING attorneys in that state. Disregard for legal authority is a hallmark of APD.

"Pedo Enablers:" Anyone who disagrees with their view of "kill all sex offenders." If you are not condemning them to death, you are enabling them. If you call for reform, you are enabling. If you are not aggressive enough in condemning them you are enabling them. Somehow, they came to the belief that calling for reforms to make sex offenders legislation sensible and promoting stuff like prevention and education, you are somehow excusing sex crimes. Remember, I've already noted in previous threads, Patty Wetterling and The Pope were among the list of "pedo enablers."

Ironically, the real definition of "enabling" is encouraging an action through support or creating an environment conducive to behavior. Ironically, the AZU harass/annoy/stress gameplan creates such an environment.

"Spin:" Essentially any interpretation of a study or stat that disagrees with their interpretations of it. Ironically, they are adept at having interesting intepretations of what people say. After all, they turned the Pope's message of healing for victims of the church's sex scandal into a blame game rant. Which brings me to:

"Blame Gamers:" Anyone who suggests anything for the healing process except cold revenge; also means any former offender who speaks out against oppressive sex offender laws.

"Victim Bashing:" Attacking, criticizing, or questioning any of their words or actions, even if you are doing so in self-defense from their actions. Somehow AZU thinks being a victim or a victim advocate gives them license to hurt others. And their favorite:

"Denial:" Anyone non-submissive to their whims. If you speak up against sex offender laws, you are in "denial." Guess they forgot SO laws aren't SUPPOSED to be punishment. Dumbasses.

Eventually I may add more to this as the need arises.


scarletletter said...

Child advocate-a guise for the likes of the zeros to attact anyone they see fit.

Sherry P -Stiches77

scarletletter said...

Or is it this
"Stitches77 real name is Marina Hammond and she works at Chattanooga Memorial Hospital on Fridays and Saturdays from 7pm to 7am in the emergency room"

scarletletter said...

And lets not forget,

pedophile-anyone on the SO list

WarpedOhio said...

I have a word for them-- "CRIMINALS:" Anyone who commits a crime regardless of their excuses and justification, victim of a past crime or not. When use in a sentence: Absolute Zero is a criminal organization.Damn, it doesn't get any clearer than that

stitches said...

Do you think they finally realize that prevention does not minimize a crime. Prevention means there is no crime. Such silly gooses.
I heard that they are working with Amazon to get special angel Christmas trees and lots of gifts for the children of former sex offenders. Of course, these kids are innocent of any wrong doing. Now, this is all rumor so we will have to wait and see.

WarpedOhio said...

If that is true that would be ultimate irony. Many former offenders have families-- spouses, children, and so on. Yet their actions cause harm to the loved ones of former offenders. I hear stories of children beaten up because "daddy's a pedo" and women's sanity questioned for loving a former offender. That's why the absolute zero TERRORISTS make me so fucking SICK!

stitches said...

They all have at least 200 victims but in some cases it goes much higher. Stitches is one of the worse cases I have seen and she is surrounded by enablers. A Von Erck robot with a programmed script! That turd is getting rich on slave labor.
It is the parents job to watch their kids.If the government gets an anonymous call about questionable parenting skills your children become the state's children. We have so many people screaming that they are not capable that one day I expect all children to be raised in government facilities. All those who are not capable should turn their kids over to the state and leave the rest of us alone.

WarpedOhio said...

Maybe society could build a wall around every city and expel all the kids a la "South Park" or at least kid-free zones a la "The Simpsons." I know such shows are a parody of life, a lot of times they're not THAT far from reality.