Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Absolute Zero mocks others' physical appearances, but they have no room to talk



Absolute Zero United loves to talk about other people's looks but have you ever wondered what THEY look like? Well I have a few pictures of them, mostly from the Ohio Rally in 2007. I added a couple of their buddies from PJ and Mark Lunsford. Take a look, and ask yourself if these people should be making fun of ANYONE'S looks.

By the way, anyone know who that old fat lady with the glasses is? I bet she's Stitches.


Anonymous said...

Those pics show why they have a problem, who the hell would want to be "intimate" with any of them?
As for that pic of Lunsford with his little 9mm? MY .45 IS BIGGER!!!!

Once Fallen said...

I guess because they are so ugly, they feel the need to belittle the lives of other people to make themselves better. Between the juvenile comments about the look of other people and their failed efforts in "hunting pedos," it is making a strong case for Eugenics.

Anonymous said...



Once Fallen said...

I'm pretty sure that fat old lady with the glasses is "The mighty Stitches of the seventy and seven." AZU has never had a large following, and this woman sticks out like a sore thumb. She was WASP, not BACA. Jessica Cherchio and Tracy Golden have already identified themselves. That pretty much left Stitchy-poo. I highly doubt she would have missed the chance to attack those she hates most for the world. I think I understand why she's so pissed at me. I shot video of the haters agreeing with me!