Sunday, June 19, 2011

Absolute Zero United rears its ugly head, celebrates the suffering of others, as usual

For pretty much all of this year, I have been using this blog to raise awareness of other vigilantes like Barbara Farris and Danielle Schneider, who are exploiting sex offenders for personal game. That is pretty low. However, this site was (and still is) primarily a blog about Absolute Zero United, a ragtag bunch of cowardly online cyberbullies and make anonymous threats. My feud with them has been well documented. They lie about me, I post the truth about them. I've pretty much OWNED them. I've enjoyed a break from them but they are back in time to laugh at the death of a great person.

Comments like these make it obvious AZU only exists to troll. Well, Karma is a "Stitch," and someday it will be returned to them tenfold. The sooner the better as far as I'm concerned. Here they are attacking SOSEN CEO Mary Duval, a TRUE hero in every sense of the word, after a long battle with illness.

It is funny how they still defend Clay Keys, but they have no morals. It is funny how now Stitches is talking about praying to God after stating in other places she was pagan/ atheist. I have Stitches all figured out. Like Clay Keys, she is a pedophile who is trying to "out" others to keep the heat off herself. She's also the classic troll. Today's she's claiming Christian but tomorrow she'll go on another blog and bash believers.

And they do more to bash victims than any group out there. Do I need remind them about bashing Patty Wetterling and spreading a rumor she has a son on the sex offender registry?

The fact is Stitches and Absolute Zero are closet pedophiles who advocate violent actions against others by pretending to be child victim advocates. Just look up charter member Clay Calhoun Keys. Don't be fooled! Even that schmuck at Predator Magazine recognizes AZU as a poser blog, and he's as dumb as a box of rocks!

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Once Fallen said...

How hilarious, the fat nasty cows at AZU talking about someone else's looks. Jessica Cherchio look like someone smashed half her face in, Tracy Golden had 3 chins, and then there was that fat old space cadet with the coke bottle glasses. The three stooges, as I called them at the Ohio rally. I bet that fat old cow is Stitches.

I'll have to add their pictures to this site.