Thursday, June 23, 2011

Acme Cleaning Service got cleaned up. Oh, the irony!

Like I needed any more proof Absolute Zero United is filled with self-loathing closet pedophiles who cannot be honest about their conditions.

For quite a few years, Acme Cleaning Services has claimed to "hijack" sites they claimed were "pro-pedophile" (which, in reality, were most likely sites created by AZU members for the sole purpose of claiming they were outing pedophiles. After all, Tsand once impersonated Stitches 77 and created two blogs, one of which was "hijacked" by Llort and Rez). Well today it looks like Acme Cleaning Services blog was itself cleaned out and the blog owner called a "pedophile." No honor among thieves?


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Does anyone have any knowledge of the whereabouts of Barbara Farris? I understand she has taken up some cause to harass an innocent father in California. She posted threats against this person and made some funky radio program to attack him. Someone that knows him has been asking around for information on Farris. This father has filed a civil harassment lawsuit against her and is trying to locate her whereabouts.

Anonymous said...

Chris Hansen is a worthless piece of gas-ass shit.