Sunday, June 12, 2011

Tsand, The Great Pretender

Someone seriously wants attention. His name is Clay Keys/ Roar4Truth/ Tsand. We've addressed him quite a few times here already but it helps to remind people every now and then about him. So it is time to bump him.

Clay Keys is a registered sex offender residing in Pensacola, FL.

He hosts the Roar4Truth blogspot as well, where he is posing as a "pedophile hunter."

Ironically the same guy that poses as women on forums and once used Jessica Lunsford's face while mocking Absolute Zero United and made threats against members of AZU like Rob Taylor is now endorsed by the same group he once attacked.

Clay Calhoun Keys/ Tsand is a convicted sex offender who is currently posing as a victim advocate, and works with other questionable "victim advocates" (vigilantes) like Shoalanda Speaks, Absolute Zero United, Rob Taylor/ Greenville Dragnet, and as Clay has recently claimed, he's even been in contact with crazy Floridiot Barbara Farris.. For what purpose? It is for you to decide.

Just a few more posts for you to consider:

And this site from those she acts as cheerleader for these days:

Here is Tsand's "landscaping/ hauling business:

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