Friday, October 28, 2011

Another AZU affiliate bites the dust...

R.I.P. "Perverted-Primates." I'd also like to point out Rob Taylor abandoned his "Red-Alerts" blog, though that has not been taken down. I doubt anyone cares but it is out there for those needing to know. I almost forgot Lost in Lima, Ohio (Lilo) ran the Perverted Primates Blog. Speaking of Lilo's blog, it looks like he's moved to China years ago (I haven't noticed until now):

And to think AZU trolls were talking about how the RSO activist sites were on the "decline." Maybe in their own minds.

So it got me wondering about AZU's list of affiliates on their website:

Virtual Global Taskforce -- gone
Stop Child Molesters-- Inactive one year
Vigilant Antis-- Inactive since February 2011, before was July 2010 Inactive since June 2009
Tampa Gone -- Inactive since January 2010
Operation SORoarful-- Has been bounced around many times, just like Evil-Unveiled, but consists of nothing more than outdated forum posts mainly by people no longer in SOSEN. Another failed experiment.
PagansAgainstChildAbuse-- inactive
Anti-Paedo-- inactive since June 2009
The Antis-- Inactive since February 2008
I Luv 2 Surf-- 1 post since February 2010

Just who is on the decline?

Yet another To Catch a Predator acquittal leading to another civil suit

I'm wondering just how many of PJ's so-called "convictions," almost all of them from the TCAP show, would be convictions had they been challenged in court. i swiped this from the Corrupted-Justice forums.
NBC Isn't Off the Hook for Trap on 'Predator'
     (CN) - A man targeted in an episode of NBC's "To Catch a Predator" can proceed with a lawsuit against the network, a federal judge ruled.
     Anurag Tiwari was busted by the show in 2006 after coming to a home with the intention of meeting a 13-year-old girl he met on the Internet. The "girl" was actually an adult decoy used by the show to lure child predators in and around the town of Petaluma, Calif., north of San Francisco.
     Tiwari filed suit against NBC Universal, claiming the network violated his Fourth Amendment rights through actions amounting "to a seizure that intruded on his privacy rights and the seizure was unreasonable because it was conducted 'in a manner to cause humiliation to [Mr Tiwari] with no legitimate law enforcement purpose or objective.'"
     NBC sought relief under the First Amendment, claiming that the show's production and broadcast are intertwined and therefore protected.
     U.S. District Judge Edward Chen disagreed Tuesday, finding that the network has no basis to dismiss since Tiwari's allegations stem from NBC's conduct not its broadcast, which is protected speech.
     The 22 page order also allows Tiwari to claim that NBC violated his right to due process by airing the program before he'd been tried or convicted of a crime. The First Amendment does not "automatically [insulate NBC] from liability," Chen wrote. "At this juncture of the proceedings, the court cannot say that, as a matter of law, the balance in this case weighs in favor of NBC."
     NBC did succeed in striking the defamation portion of Tiwari's complaint because of statute of limitations, but Chen said Tiwari could proceed with his claim of intentional infliction of emotional distress.
     Tiwari was charged with two felony counts stemming from his appearance on "To Catch a Predator," both of which were dismissed. He was eventually charged by the Sonoma County district attorney with two other misdemeanors. He was acquitted of one, and the other was reduced to an infraction when he pleaded no contest in a plea deal in 2010.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Cincinnati City Councilwoman takes a page out of the Perverted-Justice playbook

This entry has nothing to do with sex offender issues. However, I've had my own personal experience with a certain local councilwoman so this story is still a perfect fit for this blob since it involves cyberbullying. This is, after all, a cyber-crime blog.

Like many other cities, Cincinnati has an "Occupy" movement camp. I haven't been a part of it, more the casual observer, but I support their efforts. Despite whether you agree with them or not, they are for the most part protected by the US Constitution.

 One of the biggest critics of the local Occupy movement is my old evil bitchy pigheaded bimbo nemesis, er, "friend" Leslie Ghiz, who just happens to be running for re-election. As a local rich powerful pol in this fair town, she's not happy at the Occupy movement, which has taken to protesting in Piatt/ Garfield park, which apparently is just outside her richy rich law office. So instead of catering to her constituents, she's decided to borrow the Perverted-Justice playbook and published the addresses of some of those in the Occupy Movement:

There is no other reason to do such a thing unless she intends to bring harm upon those she does not agreement. For those of you who have stumbled upon this article and wondering what's the big deal, just read some of my articles here. I've been harassed, threatened, and attacked from crazy individuals thanks in part from public disclosure of my address, along with reports tying me to stuff that's not true (kind of like the stereotype Occupiers are all lazy jobless hippies). Hell, that's the reason I created this blog in the first place.

There was already one attack against a peaceful protestor in Cincinnati recently. I'm pretty sure Ghiz cheered that one.

But in case you need more proof, check out this ABC News video:

Yup, I just compared Leslie Ghiz with Petra Looney, hell, they look alike, act alike, and I bet they even have that same goofy laugh. To paraphrase Mr. Stossel, Leslie Ghiz, I think you're a BULLY!

I know at least one woman I'll NOT be voting for this election.

PS-- Leslie Ghiz, if you are reading this, feel free to publish my address. I'm waiting for any excuse to drag you to court as it is :)

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Not again! Vigilante thug gets only 11 months for vehicular assault

Yet another vigilante scumbag gets off with little time served. This person deserved a lot longer than 11 months for attempted vehicular homicide. 'm sure the losers at Absolute Zero United will be cheering this one. 

No new jail time in Hopewell sex offender hit-and-run case

HOPEWELL _ A 20-year-old man accused of trying to run over a convicted sex offender as he fled on a moped entered a plea today that calls for no additional jail time, an agreement that was angrily denounced by the victim.

Daniel R. Narron of Hopewell pleaded guilty in Hopewell Circuit Court to attempted unlawful wounding, a felony, and to disorderly conduct and hit and run, both misdemeanors.
Approving the terms of the agreement, Judge Samuel E. Campbell sentenced Narron to five years for the felony and 12 months for each misdemeanor charge, but the judge suspended all of the jail time. Narron, who has spent about 11 months in jail, was expected to be released today.
Also today, three co-defendants entered pleas to misdemeanor charges of disorderly conduct and failure to report an accident. Each was convicted and told the charges would be dismissed after one year if the defendants remain on good behavior.
Those defendants are Damon J. Silvestro of Colonial Heights and Eric B. Harris and Thomas W. McCall, both of Hopewell.
After today’s proceedings, the victim in the case, Rudolph Ellis, 54, criticized the plea agreement for Narron, saying, “I was running for my life. That young man tried to kill me. This whole thing is a joke.”
Ellis also excoriated the Hopewell Police Department, saying they refused to pursue an investigation and that officers had harassed him.
Hopewell Commonwealth’s Attorney Rick Newman said after the hearing that he turned over the investigation to Virginia State Police because “the police department didn’t do anything.”
Asked if he knew why the police took no action, Newman said, “I have no idea.”
The incident occurred Oct. 16, 2010. Since then, Hopewell has hired a new police chief, John Keohane, a former high-ranking Richmond police official. The former chief, Steven D. Martin, had a contentious relationship with Newman.
A phone message left at the police department today was not immediately returned.
Ellis has testified that he was confronted at a convenience store and that, after cursing back, he left on his moped and soon found himself being chased by Narron and his three companions.
At one point, Ellis darted through some trees and behind a house in an effort to lose them, but his pursuers didn't give up, he said. As Ellis darted across Hill Avenue to get to a friend's house, he said, his moped was struck from behind and he fell to the ground uninjured. The suspects then drove away, he said.
Narron’s attorney, James Maloney, told the judge today that Narron had only been trying to scare Ellis and had not meant to strike him. He said the moped had shot out from behind a house in front of Narron’s vehicle.
“He has never been in trouble before this,” Maloney said of his client.
The attorney added that the incident represents a momentary, alcohol-fueled lapse in judgment and that Narron has taken full responsibility for his actions.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Barbara Farris wants colored triangle system for her fantasy RSO camp

Barbie Farris has changed her website once again. In less than a month, her "" site has been replaced by a site sounding EVEN MORE like a con artist site --

Oh joy. As if that wasn't crazy enough, Barbie's taking a page from the Nazi concentration camp playbook with her color coded system. I'm sure they will be in the form of triangles. Will Jewish registrants get a Star of David, too?:

If anyone is dumb enough to fall for her scam that is on them.We've done all we can to warn you. Barbara Farris is a con artist. There is a ton of info about her on this blog and elsewhere.

Hey Barbara, missing something?

Check this out as well: 
For any request for interviews or other questions must go through the following. Please do not contact Ms. Farris in regards to her programs and companies.
Contact Information: 
Shaun W. Pappas
Attorney at Law
McLaughlin & Stern, LLP
260 Madison Avenue
New York, NY 10016
(212) 448-1100, ext. 1199
(212) 448-0066 (fax)

Oh look! Barbie's lawyered up! Maybe she'll need him when people catch on to her latest SCAM!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

A little refresher about Stitches 77 and her lies.

A couple of months ago I posted at AZU's blog, or, to use their language, I "hijacked" their blog. As usual, the same mentally handicapped people were there, and once again Stitches lies through her teeth.

No, her admittance she is not a victim advocate is not the lie, it is her denial of posing as a victim advocate that is a lie. After all, lies and distortions are her M.O.

As a matter of fact, the proof is still online:

Trading advice within these support groups on the best ways to molest a child without getting caught, what instruments to use and much more is just the tip of the iceberg of what is being done on the internet. Absolute Zero United, a child activist blog that has a slew of contributors is now fighting back. One of the leaders in child activism is an individual who goes by the name of Stitches77. Regular contributor and co-founder of the blog Absolute Zero United, Stitches77 works diligently to expose these internet groups and draw attention to the insanely frightening things that go on within these groups....

Stitches77 and all of the other members of Absolute Zero United invite concerned parents and those who want to protect their children to visit the blog at to learn how to keep their children safe.

Absolute Zero United is a child activist group that works on keeping children safe on the internet and off the internet. For more information, visit

Stitches is a bold-faced lying cunt. After digging throughsome old screenshots, I see a lot of things she lied about. That reminds me, what happened to all these threats she made years ago?

Whatever happened to that Walsh/ Lunsford lawsuit? Just wondering if it was the same rumor mill where Stitches claimed she heard Patty Wetterling had a sex offender son.

 She needs a better network.

I'm still waiting for her to get "good and ready." Its only been YEARS! Coward. I did find ONE truthful comment, however:

AZU is dead. LOL

Saturday, October 8, 2011

AZU: The Little Engine That Couldn't

Once upon a time, there was a little engine called "Absolute Zero United." It was a small pitiful engine looking for a little attention any way they can get it.

One day, the driver this  engine, codenamed "Stitches 77," said, "I know how I can continue to hurt others and gain approval from the people. I'll find some other group to target. By focusing on others rather than our own faults, I can gain fame, acceptance, and even money."

It settled on people convicted of sex offenses because they are an easy target. Surely no one will take up for them, right?

That is what the Engine thought until it found the website of one who had the audacity to speak up about the wrongfulness of laws targeting people who have served their sentences and deserve an opportunity to be a productive member of the community. Here she is, a mother of four children, whose children were suffering the consequences of badly devised laws. The audacity. So the little engine said, "I think I can ruin her life. I think I can, I think I can, I think I can..." So i began harassing this woman. It made fun of her. It threatened her. It published her address. It bragged about this crime on it's website day and night. It bragged about hurting her family. But then the woman fought back. She filed a federal lawsuit, and little engine became afraid. Oh shit!

Then a TV personality got wind of this story. "Just what I wanted," cried this little engine. "I'm going to be on TV! I think I can jump start my career with this publicity. I think I can, I think I can...." The engine was so happy, it drank and smoked crack to excess, so much so that when the engine got its time on TV, it was obviously wasted and make a complete ass of itself on national television. The little Engine looked even dumber.

The little Engine found more and more people willing to speak up. They were going to have a rally in Ohio! What to do, what to do! 'I know!" said the pathetic Engine. "I think I can bully these people into submission. I think I can, I think I can..." So this Engine found some biker wannabes and some other vigilantes to try to scare the rally attendants. But it didn't work. The little Engine and friends were outnumbered and confronted by the rally-goers. They went home defeated again.

So now these rally-goers started a growing movement to reach out to others being abused by people like this engine. Websites and groups sprung up all over the internet. The little Engine said, "They don't have a right to their opinions. I think I can scare them away from activism. I think I can, I think I can..." So it started harassing the bloggers. It created a fake Wiki site. It spread nasty lies. But their victims continued to fight back and grow stronger. Some even took the fight directly to them. The Engine began to lose steam. The engine became paranoid schizophrenic, accusing everyone from Patty Wetterling to Barack Obama to the Pope were all some massive conspiracy of "pedo sympathizers." It backfired. People slammed them in chatrooms, again and again and again and again.In desperation, they even added their sworn enemy to their ranks, which made them an even bigger laughing stock among their peers.

The little Engine slowly realized it was a failure at life. Slowly dissension and boredom caused many of the Engine's crew to lose interest in the Engine's trips to nowhere and the Engine grew rusty and stale from misuse. The Little Engine That Couldn't was eventually abandoned about a year ago, but every once in a while you can hear that old familiar ghostly toot of a past better left buried. THE END.

..... Every lame attempt Absolute Zero United has done for four long years has availed nothing. AZU has been dead, and nothing can bring it back to life. No one cares about you any more, Stitches 77. Most of your members moved on. You have no support from anyone. Even other vigilante groups shun you because you are a hindrance to them. You are a complete waste of humanity. Time to admit defeat and move on and fade away. You lose, Stitches. :)